Spring/Summer Haul – 10 new purchases

So even though it’s now mid-May, England is still yet to get the memo that it’s actually spring. Some days I wake up and think we’re actually edging on the bring of spring and other days I wake up and decide nope we are definitely still stuck in winter. But that didn’t stop me going for a spring/summer shop these past few weeks in an optimistic approach to British weather. So here are my new 10 additions to my wardrobe/life that will be (hopefully) making an appearance sometime this year! (Fingers crossed right?!)

So I’ll start off first with the new additions to my wardrobe:

Blue Tile Print High Neck Hanky Hem Dress – £22.99 (New Look) Now on sale at £12.99

Okay so I don’t know if you guys have noticed but there is a definite gypsy/floaty/crochet/fringe kind of trend going on this spring and I’m actually loving it. Normally I’m the kind of girl that steers clear of anything colourful (but black matches everything) or midi (I am not the tallest of girls and midi can make me look kind of…stumpy) and I’m definitely not normally one that veers towards floaty, unusual fabrics or patterns. But when I saw this dress I knew I had to have it. It’s GORGEOUS. It’s called a ‘hanky hem’ (yeah I got the giggles too)  and it’s midi but some bits are shorter than others leaving this kind of floaty edge that is really cool and is going to look amazing with both flats and heels. It’s 100% the type of dress you can dress up or down and the pattern on the fabric is really pretty. Basically a really effortless dress that you want to spin around in and feel all girly wearing. I could rave about this dress forever (and it’s not even black or grey – I’m branching out!)

White Embroidered Tassel Front Cami – £17.99 (New Look) 

 So sticking with New Look goodness and with the gypsy/floaty theme is this really loose fit cami top. It’s a really loose material that will be really perfect for those hot days (a girl can dream okay) and it’s just the kind of thing you can throw on in the summer and be done, it’s a classy top and it has some really lovely embroidered detail too. Not something I’d normally go for but I’m really enjoying it.

Neppy t-shirt in Navy Ombré – £16 (Next) 

Okay I officially LOVE this t-shirt. I saw it probably about a couple of months ago and only got it earlier this week when I finally found it in a shop in my size. It is a lovely soft material that just hangs perfectly. I’m obsessed with ombré and it couldn’t look nicer than this lovely grey to deep indigo shade. Basically this is going to be one of those tshirts I wear all summer and won’t want to take off because it’s so easy-wearing and effortless and casual and so so nice. Basically, for £16 too it’s just all-round fabulous – bravo Next.

Mid Wash Distressed Molly Jeggings – £42 (River Island) 

(Second photo taken by me)
I’m  a little bit of a creature of habit when it comes to jeans. Last Spring I bought my first pair of Molly Jeggings at River Island and now they’re my first port of call when I’m searching for new jeans. Since my first pair – a lovely pair of black jeans, I’ve bought two more pairs – a pair of Paisley print dark blue ones and these mid wash ripped ones. So the price is a little more than I normally want to pay for some jeans but I just LOVE jeans/Jeggings that stretch and you can actually move in and don’t feel at all restricted. They’re definitely excellent quality and fit really nicely on me too and basically they’re perfect in every way (although real front pockets would be nice River Island!)

Gok Wan Mint Skinny Jeans – £28 (Tu at Sainsbury’s) There’s 25% off these at the moment so buy now and they’re only £21 wahay 
So remember earlier when I said I don’t go for colourful clothing? And when I said I only buy Molly jeggings? Yeah I’m going totally contradict myself here. Basically I really rate sainsbury’s clothing. A lot of supermarkets these days actually produce some fantastic clothing and it’s all very reasonably priced. When I bought these I was in a kind of pastel obsessed mood and I thought I’d just try something new for a change. I always thought pastel would be hard to match with or accessorise with but I actually have found that loads of tops go with these jeans and they just automatically spring-up any outfit I want to wear.

I also have two new pairs of shoes here too:

Plaited Tan Flip Flop Sandals – £8 (Tu at Sainsbury’s) Again, there’s 25% off these at the moment so just £6 


(Photo taken by me)
I’m not normally a flip-flop person but I saw these and with them being such a bargain I just thought they’d be perfect for when you’re on holiday. They’re actually surprisingly comfy for flip flops and don’t rub my toes when I put them on, plus they’re simple and will go with everything and anything this summer. Basically they’re all round pretty awesome and so summery!

Black Lace Slip On Pumps – £14 (Tu at Sainsbury’s) you guessed it, 25% off so they’re just £10.50 if they’re still in stock

(Photo taken by me)
When I said I rate Sainsbury’s clothes and shoes I really wasn’t joking. Here are another pair of shoes I got recently. They’re really delicate with lovely lace detail and they’re just breathable for your feet (which is gonna come in reaaaal handy in summer). I love them because they will look great with both jeans and skirts and they can just be slipped on. I also normally have a really big problem with shoes rubbing me but because these are less structured, they kind of just fit your feet perfectly and don’t rub which gets them major brownie points from me!

The last few items are more a mixture of bits and bobs that I’ve picked up for the spring/summer:

Structured Tan Satchel – £8 (Primark) 

(Photo by me)
I saw this bag from like 10 metres away and I was immediately like ‘I have to have that’. I’m not really someone who buys expensive bags because I end up scuffing them or filling them with a load of rubbish and never cleaning them out so I always radiate towards cheap bags like this one. I love this bag. Looking at it you would 100% think this was an expensive bag and the colour means it’s going to match all my summer outfits perfectly. It’s pretty roomy too, easily fitting a purse, phone and make up in plus whatever else you need on you. It’s got really nice detail around the edges and fastens securely so no pick pockets will get in when you’re shopping – basically a really fab shoulder bag!

Cat socks – £4 (I think) (Primark) 

(Photos by me)
Okay so not really spring/summer outerwear but I will be wearing these when I’m chilling inside. I basically always wear socks when I’m inside. Always. I hate feet and I love comfy socks even when it’s warm outside. I also love cats. So guess how I felt about these socks when I saw them? Yeah I loved them. Basically life doesn’t get better than some cute cat socks (yeah I’m easily pleased).

Pomegranate and Pineapple Fragranced Candle – £3.50 (Clinton cards) not sure you can still buy this one but the larger version is still available here for £6 

(Photos by me)
These candles have been half price for pretty much forever meaning I couldn’t not buy one for just £3.50. After spending a good 45 minutes smelling all the scents, I settled on this pomegranate and pineapple one because it just smells so fresh. Its a really summery scent and it makes me feel so relaxed when I light it. I love candles that you can really smell when you light rather than them just burning with no scent and this is one of the smelliest I have (which is obviously a good thing). Basically it’s a really great quality candle for the price and I won’t tire of lighting it ever.

So there you have it, all 10 of my new purchases, let me know what you think!

Love, S x


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