Tea favourites from a tea addict

 I am a self confessed tea addict. Here in England/Britain we are well know for our afternoon tea drinking with the Queen whilst munching delicately on some cucumber crustless sandwiches. Yeah that doesn’t happen – but as a nation we do drink tea and lots of it. According to, the British drink an average of 165 million cups of tea a day. That’s 60.2 billion cups a year. Crikey. So for all you tea drinkers out there – this post is for you. 

For those of you who don’t know tea – all tea comes from the same plant but varies depending on the region it is grown/time it is picked and so on. There are a number of types: white; black; green; roobios; oolong and herbal to name a few. I could try and describe each but honestly I don’t have a clue on all the differences, I just know that each type has it’s own unique health benefits.

So I love your bog standard cuppa – an ordinary cup of white tea brewed and topped off with milk could never do you wrong. But about two years ago I branched out – I was stood in Marks and Spencer’s and came across their tea section – rows and rows of different flavours of tea. I picked up my first flavoured tea here: roobios and vanilla. It was amazing, so naturally I went back and got more. Basically I really got into other types of tea and I want to share with you some of my favourite brands and flavours. 

Twinings – Twinings have been around for years and they’re really easy to get your hands on – the company is sold at pretty much every supermarket around. They’re really well priced at something ridiculously cheap like £1.50 for 20 tea bags and they do some really amazing flavours. My two favourites at the moment by twinings are their Peppermint and their Camomile, vanilla and honey. Peppermint is a long term favourite of mine because I find it really refreshing and I’ve always been a lover of mint; and I love the camomile because of the vanilla aspect, it’s really calming and soothing and makes you feel warm and gooey inside. Looking through the twinings website just now though I’ve got my eye on quite a few of their new ones, they do SUCH a wide selection. 

Bluebird tea co. – Bluebird tea company are a Brighton based company, they have one shop there and they distribute tea around the country. I found out about them from Brighton youtubers around Christmas time so checked them out and ended up buying a massive load for friends and relatives for Christmas. My favourite one I bought was their Christmas cake flavour which was obviously a limited edition but they do so many other flavours. If you have a tea strainer and can order from here you basically have the world at your feet. They have some AMAZING exotic flavours – from Turkish delight to candy floss – the tea here is just amazing. They have fantastic flavours and the tea is really fab quality – you won’t be disappointed.

Teapigs – Okay I’m going to end this post here with my final choice – Teapigs. Teapigs I love because when you don’t want to buy a box of 15 tea temples (similar to tea bags but filled with loose tea) you can order a sample of 2 tea temples. What could be better than that? My friend ordered me their ‘Christmas cheeky’ gift set for Christmas and I’m still using this tea still in May because I’m trying to savour it. The three flavours here are chai, chocolate flake and spiced winter red tea. I love all three but I’m really loving the spiced winter red right now (yeah I know it’s not appropriate for spring but whatever). I also recently popped to a lovely cafe that sold Teapigs tea there and tried their Chocolate and Mint flavour and LOVED this one too!! Basically a really great company and really great tea! 

I should also point out here that Bluebird tea company and Teapigs both sell ‘tea temples’ which contain loose leaf tea inside which is more ideal flavour-wise for a good cup of tea. Additionally, my mum has been trying Teapigs Matcha tea recently which is a powdered Japanese green tea known for is amazing health benefits and half a teaspoon a day in either hot water or milk or fruit juice can give you a whole range of health benefits – for example it’s great for energy and for your metabolism so helps aid weightloss. It’s expensive for a small tin but it’s worth every penny.      

Hope this helps you tea lovers out there and motivates you to try some new flavours! Tea is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle – especially herbal teas as they don’t require milk, contain no to low levels of caffeine and most have no added sugar so contain natural ingredients! 

Love, S x


4 thoughts on “Tea favourites from a tea addict

  1. Great post! I had to give up coffee so I am always looking for new tea flavors. Thanks for sharing.
    If you get a chance please check out my blog Thanks!

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