Battle of the Nudes 

 So I’m normally 100% a red lip girl. All my life I’ve seen my mum absolutely rock the red lip and I guess I kind of picked it up from her. We are both also always drawn to lipsticks rather than glosses (even if I do love a good pink gloss). But recently I’ve wanted to try something new regarding lipstick; I’ve spent the last few months really trying out any colour I can get my hands on and I think I’m lucky in that I have a skintone that can pull quite a lot of different colours off (don’t worry, I pay the price – I don’t tan). Nudes is one that I’ve found quite hard to nail however. I think nudes have a tendency of looking really amazing in the packaging and then totally different when you get it home and on your lips and you can end up really disappointed. So after collecting and loving 7 different nudes, I want to share them with you guys!

1. Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Keep Mauving – £5.99: This is my first time trying a lipstick balm and I really love it. It smells like cocoa butter and applies like a balm so I can probably put it on without even looking in the mirror. It’s the kind of lip colour you choose when you’re in a rush (colour ‘rush’ ay) and want something quick and easy to apply. It rolls up too and the amount of product for the price is pretty darn great. The downside is that, with it being a balm it’s not as long lasting as I would like but it is surprising how long it lasts as long as you’re not eating or drinking (or you know, kissing!). This colour is quite pinky for a nude but it’s the kind of universal pinky/purpley nude that matches every make up look and outfit.

2. L’oreal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Nudes in Barely Greige by JLo (nb4) – £6.99: I bought this lipstick on a whim once whilst I was in boots and I’m a BIG fan. L’oreal always produces good quality products and this is one of them. It even lasts a fair few hours and doesn’t leave that staining around the edges of your lips when it does wear off. The colour is gorgeous and I hate to use to cliché blogger term but it really is a ‘yours but better’ lip coloured nude. It’s somewhere slap bang in the middle of a pinky nude and a browny nude and did I mention the scent? My god the smell. It smells exactly like Parma violets which is a scent I’m absolutely obsessed with so I’m always reapplying this lipstick whenever I get a chance just for the scent!

3. Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Caramel – £1.99: So yeah, with Boots natural collection you get what you pay for. It’s cheap and cheerful and the products aren’t the best quality but for the price no one can complain. They actually do some really good products – I really like their pressed translucent powder and these moisture shine lipsticks granted don’t last very long but there’s a really great selection of colours and when you’re running low on money but want to try out a new shade I’d direct you to this collection anyday. The shade I got, caramel, is like a really light browny nude – just like caramel! It’s really high shine, very shimmery and has a kind of peachy aspect to it in some lights. A really nice shade.

4. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in Nude-ist! – £8.99: Okay so this one is one I’m still trying to get used to. It’s a matte lipstick in a liquid form so it goes on like lipgloss and dries matte and very pigmented. It’s actually a strange concept. I like it because it’s true, it’s velvety, it’s luxurious and it’s a really high quality product. What I don’t like so much is the fact that the colour is probably a little too pinky for a nude for me, it can look very bold when you’re going for a more natural look but if you apply with your fingers rather than the applicator it gives a softer look. Bourjois claims this lipstick lasts 24 hours and that might be true if you never ate or drank. Yes it’s long lasting and has a really light weight texture so you don’t feel like you’re wearing lipstick but it does have the sticking round the edges and wearing off in the middle look when I eat or drink (still yet to find a lipstick that doesnt do this to be honest so suggestions are very welcome!) overall though, it’s a great product, and a nice unusual colour so I’m a fan.

5. Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF 15 in Mocha Madness: So one day when I was feeling a little bit adventurous and wanted to try a wide range of colours at once I sent off for some Avon sample lipsticks. You can find these all over the internet and I think they’re pretty great for deciding what colours suit you and what colours you want to buy full products of. Mocha madness it’s quite a brown shade. It’s one I might not have normally chosen but I’m really liking it as a nude. It’s got quite a lot of shimmer so I like it as a kind of more glamorous nude. The added SPF is something that you don’t really consider until you don’t have it. Sun burnt lips hurt so bad, they really sting, so a lipstick that has SPF is a winner for me. Basically a really nice, unusual nude; something a bit different to the normal pinky nudes. (Because this is a sample I’m afraid I don’t know the normal price!)

6. Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Sparkling Peach: Again, this is another sample from Avon. Sparkling Peach is one of those colours that you could wear everyday and it will never fail you. It’s shimmery, very soft and subtle and a really gorgeous shade of pinky peach nude. Probably the most ‘orange toned’ of the selection. I’d say this is 100% a summer shade that would match any make up look this summer. Basically a fantastic all-rounder. (Because this is a sample I’m afraid I again don’t know the normal price!)

7. Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick in Chic Nude: My final nude is this sample from Avon. This one is a really lightweighty balmy texture, a lot like the Rimmel Colour Balm but with a bit longer lasting time. This is my usual go-to when I need to grab a nude and it’s just a gorgeous pink nude. It’s not shimmery but it’s also not stark matte so it’s a really fantastic everyday colour and texture. If you’re not used to braving more unusual browny/ orangey nudes then this is one for you. This is the safe nude I’d say. Gorgeous colour, gorgeous lipstick. (Because this is a sample I’m afraid again I don’t know the normal price!)

All 7 swatches from bottom to top: Keep mauving, Barely greige, Caramel, Nude-ist!, Mocha madness, Sparkling peach and finally, Chic nude

So this wouldn’t be a ‘battle of the nudes’ post if I didn’t send them off for a battle to the death. Just kidding. I do think I should state my favourites though. I think my favourite three would be firstly chic nude because it’s just a perfect go-to nude, then followed by JLo’s Barely Greige because it’s a great shade and finally  keep mauving because it’s amazing for a balm! Obviously all seven have a special place in my heart but those are my faves.

Hope this post is helpful for anyone wanting a new nude lippy; from one lipstick girl to another (or a potential converter!)

Love, S x


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