4 New Beauty Products – First Impressions


So I went to my local supedrug on Saturday and decided to pick up a few new makeup goodies to give them ago! 

First off, I wanted a new black liner. My most recent had run out and even though I had a spare, I thought I’d just try a new one and see how good the Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner is after hearing good reviews. I’ve got to say, for £2.99 this really is a bargain and it works really well. I haven’t tested it out for 24 hours but it did last my entire waking day and didn’t seem to move or smudge or anything like that unless I rubbed my eyes, as most eyeliners would. I love felt tip liners because they are just by far the easiest to use and I never really bother with any other type – I have really unsteady hands so I daren’t branch out! Anyway, this was really easy to use and basically is all round a really good liner for the price! 

The second product I went for was the relatively new Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer. I bought this because I’d heard that it was high coverage and was good for covering blemishes. Now I’m loyal to my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but I did want to try a different consistency to see if it covered spots and scars easier than really liquidy concealers. I really like this actually, it’s really creamy and it comes in a little pot so you just put on as much is needed and gosh the pot is going to last forever because the tiniest bit is needed to do quite a bit of coverage. I think it’s really great for covering any imperfections and it really does last when set with powder so it’s pretty hardy. I do think it takes a bit of getting used because it’s quite thick and needs a bit of blending with your finger for it to melt into your skin. The only tiny downfall is that sometimes I end up getting little hair fibres or bits inside it (who knows how because I have clean hands and never had this problem with anything else before!) which is kind of irritating but overall, a really great lasting high coverage concealer. 

The third product I went for was the Sleek Shimmer Blush in Suede after seeing lucieleannexo talk about it on her blog (check her out if you want to see more!) and thought that it was a really summery shade which would be ideal for my extremly pale toned skin. It’s like a browny, goldeny shade with peach tones. Basically a really unusual colour that kind of doubles up as both a blush and a bronzer. It just sort of adds this glow to your cheeks and makes you look ready for summer. I kind of added a bit of a more pinky blush in a couple of areas but overall it is just a really great addition to your makeup bag for summer and for only £4.49 I’m a fan. I really really love sleek. 

My final product I wanted to look for was the ever famous Rimmel Exaggerage Lipliner in the shade Eastend Snob. This has been suggested to be the drugstore dupe to many a Kylie Jenner style mac product. I wanted it purely because I wanted to try a lip liner because I find that most lipsticks wear off when you eat and drink. I also wanted to try a pinky nude shade for summer. After reading numerous reviews I knew I had to have this shade, and after all, it was only £3.99! First off I’ve got to say that if you’re wearing this by itself all over your lips you’re going to want to apply some lip balm under it or over it to just soften it up because it’s a very thick texture but what’s FANTASTIC about this texture is the fact that it just does not move or budge. I purposely applied it and tried eating and drinking and there was absolutely no transfer. I even tried brushing my teeth with it (I know this sounds really weird and totally doesn’t normally happen but I really wanted to test it’s limits) and still it looked perfect. It wasn’t in the exact condition it was when I had applied it hours before but I’d still be good to go for many hours to come! Basically I love this stuff and it’s going to save me a lot of heartache over lipsticks that leave that horrid outline after you eat or drink! Basically worth every single penny and I would repurchase over and over!  

A really rubbish photo to demonstrate Eastend Snob
Here is today’s FOTD including all of the above: (sorry for the poor photos but I tried to get the most natural lighting!)  

So there you go, four new beauty products and my first impressions. I hope this has been somewhat interesting to you guys! Let me know what new products you’ve bought and loved recently! 

Love, S x


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