Pretty Little Liars – Game on, Charles

*This will include spoilers from season 5 and the first episode of season 6* 

HOLY MOLY! I feel like I’ve tripped and fallen off the face of the earth, landed on a foreign planet and proceeded to birth 100 kittens and puppies. Seriously, did my brain just fall out of my head and land in my lap? Okay so I hear you, enough of the terrifying and frankly, disturbing analogies. But seriously, I may not recover from that. This episode was C R A Z Y. You lucky lot in America have had overnight to dwell on what went down but us over here in Enlgand have only been able to see it on Netflix since this morning. I’ve just finished it now and I’m not even certain I breathed during the entire ep. Also, yeah duh of course I cried…

So if you hadn’t guessed it, yeah I love PLL. I mean teen dramas and murder mysteries are my favourite so all of this rolled into one? AMAZING. I feel like this show is really underrated. Yeah it took a while for us to get to this point but my god, I wouldn’t change a thing I am absolutely LOVING these recent storylines. 

All these questions and thoughts are just whizzing around in my head and I don’t even know where to begin! So basically I’m just going to list them as I go: 

  1. Sara Harvey – hold up, what?! Sara has been kept in Charles’ lair in Ali’s token ‘the night she disappeared’ clothing. She’s shown drawing a sun on the wall and there’s masses of tallies there too – are those days she’s spent there? Either way why was she taken? How is she related to the liars or even Charles? Basically wtf? 
  2. Charles’ “surprises” – okay so I hear we’re going to get flashbacks to this over the next few episodes but whatever they went through it seems to have caused them some emotional trauma, this is quite deep stuff for a teen show but the more I watch this the more I feel for those girls, they never deserved this in a million years 
  3. Ezra and Caleb – on a slightly lighter note: hot DAMN Caleb. He’s looking soooo good in season 6. Can I be anymore in love? *swoons*. On the other hand, what’s with Ezra’s beard-y stubble? I’m all for stubble but he seems to be letting himself go a little, must be the effects of searching for A and missing Aria! 
  4. The moment we all sobbed – so yeah I’m a crier – I cry at pretty much every film and TV show ever to exist but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this one. When the girls manage to escape and waiting for them is Caleb, Ezra and Toby? You’d even been glad to see Ali alive and well. Everything is right in the world. Those reunion clips GIVE ME LIFE. 
  5. Charles? Andrew? – This brings me to my last thought – who the eff is Charles? So we know he’s a Dilaurentis and he appears to be Jason’s twin or a brother of very similar age. The ‘it’s a boy’ memoir on the wall in the vault suggests twin boys for sure. But we also know that things are not that simple. Charles must be someone we know – this I’m certain of. But the police seem to have bets on A being Andrew – and he’s been keeping some pretty dodgy diary entries about the girls and let’s be honest, he’s been a bit of an odd-ball forever. But what did he overhear Veronica say? Why was he even listening in? And what’s all this with the Campbell farm? SO MANY QUESTIONS – and I’m thinking it’s unlikely that Charles and Andrew are the same person.
  6. Theories – so if Charles is A and he’s Jason’s twin, have we even been seeing Jason for the last few months? I mean did the real jason disappear in the elevator fall? Or when he went to ‘rehab’? Maybe since then we’ve been witnessing Charles posing as Jason – it would explain some weird Jason behaviours. Or have we ever seen Jason? Maybe it’s been Charles all along and the real Jason has never been on the show. THE PLOT THICKENS. I’m pretty darn set on this theory. My other possible theory is Wren. That boy is one hell of a looker but he acts so suspiciously. Working at Radley, getting close to Melissa, Spencer AND Hanna, not being in oxford when spencer was but probably instead spying on her and dropping blood capsules into her bag? Yeah he’s got a lot to answer for. So what if he is secretly Charles or what if he’s the real Jason? 

I’m sure I could go on but I’ll stop there for now, what did you guys think of episode 1? Who do you think Charles is? And what do you think Sara and Andrew have to do with it all? 

Love, S x


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