Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

(All photos taken by me)

I’m pretty sure that there is probably tonnes of these on the internet. The Naked palettes are so unbelievably popular for a higher end product and that’s probably down to just how darn good they are. Despite knowing that you guys have probably heard every girl on the planet rave about these, I just wanted to add my two cents because it’s probably one makeup product I wouldn’t want to live without anymore! 

So I got the naked 1 palette for my birthday back in January. It’s an expensive palette definitely but I think that it makes for a really lovely birthday gift. It’s something I probably wouldn’t have bought myself because of the price so really it was the best thing my friends could have bought me! I LOVE it. It’s like my little eyeshadow baby. Not even sure what I really did before it!

What I love most about this palette is how universal it is. Because all the colours are neutral based, it can be used to create a subtle look or a smokey eye. Also it has a selection of both matte and shimmer shades so you can really take your pick. In fact, you can really use it for both everyday and occasion. My favourite and most used shades are probably sin (2nd shade), sidecar (4th shade), smog (7th shade) and toasted (9th shade) because I love to use shimmer neutrals, I think they suit my brown eyes the best. The other two naked palettes also have some really gorgeous colours but I think this one is the best for really laying down a wide range of neutrals – there’s pinks in there, beiges, browns and even a really pale white, a shimmery black and a silver.

Okay so not only are the shades of the palette fantastic and show a wide selection, they’re also really great quality. I mean, has urban decay ever let anyone down? Their products are expensive but they are such good quality. I’ve had this palette since January and it still looks almost as good as new. They’re easy to use, they’re really pigmented and I don’t find that much fall out occurs. They’re really easy to blend into one another too, the shades naked (3rd shade) and buck (5th shade) are in particular really great blending shades so they’re pretty fantastic for the crease. All the shades also apply really smoothly and last a really long time – all day if I’m honest with no trouble.

So let’s talk packaging. I hear a lot of people complaining about the naked 1 palette’s magnetic kind of suedey-velour type packaging because it can get dirty quite easily and isn’t great for travelling. A lot of people prefer the tin packaging of the two other naked palettes. Personally I haven’t found any problems with it. I keep it in a drawer on my dressing table rather than a make up bag so I suppose that’s why it doesn’t get dirty plus I try my best to keep it in its best condition. I like this packaging over the tin ones because I feel like it looks like the expensive product it is. Okay, so inside the palette is a mirror – fantastic because you can hold it in the perfect way to apply. Additionally, there’s a double ended brush which I’m a huge fan of. The thinner end is great for under eye and the other side is super soft and applies colour all over easily. I do find you need more than this brush however, to easily blend darker colours but really great that you get a good quality brush along side rather than those sponges ones. I was also lucky enough to receive four samples within the box of urban decay eyeshadow primers (it used to be a small bottle of one but now it’s changed to 4 sample sizes of the standard 4 primers) which themselves are great quality and really hold your eyeshadow in place. I think it’s actually really fantastic of urban decay to include these in the palette so you can try them out. I love the sin primer so much – an eyeshadow base and primer all in one!! 

So I’m going to stop here because I think I’ve babbled enough and you’re probably sick of me going on! I really really recommend this palette though. It is most definitely my constant go-to and it’s worth the money. I honestly think you could have this and no other eyeshadow ever again and you’d never have a problem. For that reason alone I’d recommend this to anyone who loves neutrals and is looking for a new palette! 

Love, S x


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