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Dressing Table Tour 

So about 5 months ago I was lucky enough to get a new dressing table for my room. There’s only so long I could do my makeup on the floor in front of a mirror in dark lighting so a new dressing table was an absolute blessing to me. I love my dressing table so so much so I thought – why not show you guys around it?!  

So the photos above shows my dressing table as a whole. It’s French style shabby chic in pure white (I adore it!) with lovely daisy shaped drawer knobs. The pictures above show it with all the lights on, with the lamp off and the dressing table and stool themselves. The dressing table is one I bought from a local place by itself and I chose the knobs myself from the same place. The stool I bought from amazon but it is no longer available. It’s upholstered in a gorgeous silver and purple design which matches my room perfectly! The waste paper bin below the table is also from amazon – here.  

To the right hand side of the table top, I have a small white lamp just for a bit of extra lighting – here. I also have a box of tissues, a small but adorable little plant I bought recently from a garden centre (and LOVE, seriously, I’m in love with this plant) and a small rustic brown box with gold corners. I got the box as a random one-off from TK Maxx and immediately had to have it for only £3. It holds all my regularly used lip products so I can easily grab them! On this side there is also a milk style jug holding my most used brushes – here. It’s a gorgeous little shabby chic feature and I can just easily grab any brush I need! It’s from a lovely online store called livelovelaugh and everything they sell is all shabby chic/country style and god If I could buy out the whole store I would! 

In the centre of the table lies my mirror…I am in love with this mirror. It swings so I can alter the angle and has an included draw with an adorable daisy knob. It has loads of lovely details, like the detail on the front of the draw and the rustic metal features.  I keep all of my most regularly used make up items in this draw because I can so easily grab anything I need. You can find it on amazon here. Around my mirror, I have some simple, battery powered rose lights, which look lovely both on and off – here. On top of the draw I just have a small simple pink Ted Baker candle I got in a gift set. Slightly to the left of the mirror is a ‘cinnamon essence’ apothecary jar I bought in a vintage shop on holiday. I love stuff like this and I just finished it off with some simple red check ribbon.  

On the left hand side of the table top holds two more apothecary style jars – these ones are available on amazon here and here. The small chocolate one holds lots and lots of hair bobbles and grips, I need to keep them all in one space or they disappear within a day! The second, larger jar holds lots of cotton wool pads. In front of the two jars is a small heart photo holder, which I’m actually yet to put a photo in! Either way it’s really cute and from livelovelaugh again – here. Behind the jars is a milk bottle vase (here) filled with artificial white and pink roses I chopped up from bigger bunches and arranged myself 🙂 I think this just adds a lovely feature to the far corner of the table! The final detail here is the large peony candle – this was £4 from sainsburys and it’s lovely. It’s lost it’s scent a little now but it’s got a gorgeous floral heart on the front so looks really nice just sat there rather than burnt down! 

Concerning the two large drawers in my dressing table – the left is full of additional make up products organised in boxes and tins and any makeup bags and travel bags. The right drawer holds all my hair products, scents and jewellery! 

So there you have it – a very detailed (I’m sorry) tour of my dressing table! Hope you enjoyed this slightly unusual post 🙂

Love, S x


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