Food Favourite – New York Bakery Co. Bagels 

(Photo by me)

So a bit of a different post today but I just have to rave about these bagels. Two of my greatest loves in life are New York and Bagels so the New York Bagel Company never lets me down. Basically if you didn’t know, this company makes a wide selection of bagels that are sold all over the UK in big supermarkets. Recently, they’ve produced four new, limited edition ‘premium’ flavours so I wanted to do to obsess over them on my blog whilst you could still get your hands these AMAZING premium ones.

I love bagels so much, they can be eaten cold, they can be toasted, grilled, made into a toastie – they can be eaten any time of the day and topped with anything. They’re hard and chewy and glossy but also soft inside. Plus they taste fantastic and there’s loads of variations. I’ve tried a bunch of different bagels from different companies but very few compare to the good old New York company. 

The New York Bakery Co. has the following flavours: 

  • Plain 
  • Cinnamon & raisin 
  • Sesame 
  • Wholemeal 
  • Limited edition: Roasted Garlic & Herb 
  • Limited edition: Blueberry
  • Limited edition: Seeded
  • Limited edition: Red Onion & Chive 

Everyone loves plain – I especially love these topped with margarine and jam but my heart lies with the cinnamon & raisin because good lord they are so so good. Recently however, two new favourites have creeped in – the blueberry flavour taste really amazing and the flavour isn’t too overpowering, very subltle but the winner for me right now is the Roasted Garlic & Herb. So imagine garlic bread but in the form of a bagel – mmhmm that’s what these are like. The flavour is really strong but I love that because they taste absolutely incredible. These topped with cheese is the absolute dream bagel. 

Normally I have bagels topped with basic toppings: chocolate spread, margarine, jam, marmite or cheese; but I’ve recently seen a whole new range of ways to eat bagels – I’ve seen them eaten as toasties with lots of filling or with peanut butter, or cream, yoghurt and fruit, maple syrup, breakfast items, eggs, salads…the opportunities are endless. 

So my question is to you – do you love bagels? What’s your favourite flavour? And how do you like to eat them? 

Love, S x

P.s this is not at all a sponsor, the company don’t even know I’m reviewing them, just wanted to share my deep love and passion for these bagels!! 


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