5 Product Face – Makeup Multitasking

I recently came across this idea after watching an Inthefrow YouTube video this week with Lily Pebbles. Ironically, I’d actually just done this myself a few days before but hadn’t actually realised I’d done it – weird I know. On Saturday I went to my friends for the evening but prior to this I’d been to visit my grandma. Because I was in a rush, before I set off for my grandmas I just grabbed some key makeup products and ran out the door. When I came to get ready at my grandma’s l realised I’d slipped up – no blusher? No eyeshadow? No brushes? What a foolish move. I therefore had to botch together some spur of the moment makeup multitasking. Luckily for you, I took a selfie without even planning this blog post!

Sainsburys SPF 15 Day Cream – I bought this for £2.50 because I wanted SPF in a product that wasn’t sun cream. I find sun cream greasy and I hate it on my face. I have a couple of foundations that contain SPF but I wanted a moisturiser with it so that on hot days when I didn’t want to wear makeup I could put something on my face to protect it from the sun. I put this on with my hands this day to obviously moisturise after I showered. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – This is definitely my go-to creamy concealer. I wore this concealer because, with not having any foundation, I find that my thicker heavier concealers just cake and flake on my skin and I didn’t fancy that look so this just easily covered my under eyes and my spots and blemishes when I blended it with my fingers. 

Rimmel Brow This Way – This was my first 2 in 1 product. I always use this for my brows – it consists of a wax and a powder and I love it so much. I used this on my brows and then used the neutral brown powder as an eyeshadow. I just applied it with my finger and built it up. It actually made a really great eyeshadow! 

Topshop Doe Eyed Mascara – I seriously don’t think I could talk about this mascara more. I’m sorry for the spamming of this product but by now I bet you all know that I LOVE IT. I don’t even need to curl my lashes for it to look great. 

MUA Liptick – Shade 10 – Another 2 in 1 product. I bought this lipstick recently and included it in my new haul – here. I think it’s a really great product. It is a gorgeous everyday lip colour. I also used my fingers to dap this colour onto my cheeks. It actually made an amazing blusher because it is shimmery so it was like a blusher/highlighter hybrid. 

And here is the final look – subtle effect but I liked it! (Excuse my wet hair!)  

Sorry this post has been late today! 

Love, S x


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