Summer Nail Favourites 

 Bit of an earlier post today but I had it scheduled for later seeing as I’m about an hour off being on a train but why not get it out earlier when I still have wifi? 🙂 

Since Sunday we’ve officially reached British Summer Time!! I’m kicking this summer off in style by showing you guys my top five favourite nail polishes for summer! Summer is the season for whatever nail polish you want. Once upon a winter you might have shied away from pastels or bright oranges but tis the season for colour! If I’m honest I’m not someone who really distinguishes between summer and winter nail polishes. I kind of wear what colours I have all year round but I do tend to avoid bright colours until it comes to summer just because I’m a creature of dark-nail-polish habit! So I went hunting through my nail polish collection and picked out five that give me the most ‘summer’ vibes and here they are!  

L-R: Video Games; Air Balloon; Parma Violet; Fancy Pants & Coral Reef
Fearne for Boots: Video Games; I got this in a set at Christmas time in boots. It was a really gorgeous set with a total mix of colours both summery and Wintery. This one is a lovely pale pastel, ballerina pink colour and it looks really lovely and classy. It’s a really delicate colour and would be ideal really for any weddings or events. I don’t normally go for pinks too much but I’m a big fan of this one. These nail polishes go on really nicely! 

Fearne for Boots: Air Balloon; Again, from the same set as Video Games, this is a really lovely baby blue colour. Normally when I go for blue I usually choose really dark ones but I really like this colour, it looks so good with any outfit and you can never really go wrong with it! A lovely colour. I love the unique names these colours have too – air balloon really makes you think of a lovely clear summer sky! 

Topshop: Parma Violet – here; Ahh Parma violets, not only are they one of my favourite sweets but also it makes for a really amazing nail polish colour! I love this colour. I bought it sooo long ago but it’s still doing well for me! It’s a really nice pastel lilac and it just is a really easy colour to wear. Topshop nail polishes always go on really well too although I do find they easily peel off. I still love them so much though because they do so so so many colour choices – it’s amazing! I’m madly in love with the new ‘5 years of beauty’ edition of this and if I didn’t already own it I’d be all over that! 

Topshop Mattes: Fancy Pants – here; Topshop do some amazing matte shades. They go on really nicely and they do have a strong matte effect which isn’t always easy to find. I love this shade. It’s almost like a pastel mint green but a little bit darker and definitely much more green rather than blue. It’s an unusual colour but it looks so great on and it just screams summer. I loves it.

Model’s Own: Coral Reef – here; My final choice is the most summery of them all. This is 100% a summer shade. It’s a really intense bright orange coral shade and it’s the type of colour you’d wear on the beach when you’re tanning. It would look fabulous with a tan and it just reminds me of summer holidays! The only downfall is the fact that the models own polishes smell really strong and can give me a headache! Really super easy to apply though! 


So there they are! All five of my favourites for this season of sunshine! Hope this helps anyone looking for some new polishes! 

Love, S x


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