June ’15 Favourites 

 Hey all! Welcome to July!! How can it already be my second monthly favourites?! The weeks are flying by! Summer’s passing us by before we know it! Honestly, I haven’t been loving too much at the moment that I haven’t previously mentioned so this one’s been a toughie! But we’ll jump straight in! 

1. MUA Lipstick Shade 10 – I really love this lipstick. Like really love it. I bought it on a whim because I’d never tried MUA, it was only £1 and it was a gorgeous looking colour in the tube. I have zero regrets. This month I’ve been wearing this really often when I’ve been going out during the day and at night, it’s a really universal one that you can dress up and dress down, basically it rocks! I have to admit it does wear off easily but it was £1 so I actually expected much less from it, I’d repurchase forever! 


2. Urban Decay Naked Palette’s shades Half-Baked and Buck – Obviously the Naked 1 Palette is nothing new to me this month, it’s been my baby since I got it back in January. However, I have recently got into some new shades. Normally I go for the pinks and especially the shimmery shades because they’re my favourite, but this month I’ve switched it up! I’ve been really into the gold shade in the set named Half-Baked. I’ve always loved the look of this shade but never been brave enough to rock it daytime. This month I just went for it, and rocked it, I loved it and will continue to forever. Another odd one for me was my newfound interest in the shade Buck. This shade is a really matte neutral light brown. I don’t really like matte shades but this one has been a life saver in blending this month and the two shades I’ve really been loving together. 


3. Mood Ring – Okay this is a bit on an odd one. I was clearing out some bits and bobs and came across this old mood ring I bought when I was little. It’s actually a really pretty ring with two S’s on it for my initials. Now that I’m older It seems ridiculous to get back into mood rings but let’s be honest, they were pretty snazzy and awesome to look at and this one looks really cute on my little finger now.  

4. Air Wick Colour Changing Candle – Okay so this is kind of the month of colour changing items. I’ve been loving this new candle. It’s an air wick one so it’s kind of an air freshener candle. The scent is Pink Sweet Pea and it smells to me like sherbet. It really freshens a room and the colour changing glow is really soothing. It’s activated by a sensor when the flame is lit and it just slowly changes colour, it makes you feel really cosy and calm. 

5. Love Story Bubble Bath – Sigh, bubble baths. I love pampering myself with a bubble bath. In fact I basically use bubble bath whenever I have a bath these days. If it isn’t lush I have to settle for something else and this one always hits the spot. It’s Imperial Leather’s Love Story bath cream and what I love about it is the scent.  It says it is pearl rose and forget-me-not and it’s just a really lovely pampering scent. It makes me feel really cosy and the colour is really pretty too. Fab stuff. 


6. New Look Black Lace Crop Top – So I bought this a couple of weeks back as something a but different to what I normally buy. I don’t know why I thought that because I actually own an incredible amount of black. I really love this top though. It’s cropped but not overly so and it’s completely see through with it being lace-type material so I pop a short black crop top/bandeau underneath. It’s got sleeves to about mid way down your biceps which I like to roll up and it’s just a lovely top to wear because it can be dressed up or down, it was perfect for a friends birthday meal last week and it’s great for hot days. (For the life of me I couldn’t find the top on the new look website so I apologise! It was only £9.99 if I remember correctly though)  


7. Peppermint Tea – This isn’t really something that’s particularly new to me. I’ve been loving peppermint tea for a long time now. Back in college people used to think I was mad for drinking this stuff but I’d take this over a normal cuppa anyday. It’s soothing and it’s great for digestion and I find it really refreshing because it’s minty but not overly so. I’ve popped it in these favourites because I’ve recently started drinking it a lot more and even though this 20 pack only cost me 75p I’m a huge fan, I love it (and it’s healthy for you!)  


8. The US Office – So we come to TV! I’ve been absolutely obsessed with the US version of the office this month. I’m planning a ‘top tv shows’ post sometime soon so look out for it there but it’s just so hilarious and uplifting and I’m so invested in the characters, I’m so glad I still have 4 seasons left to watch! If recommend it to anyone. 

9. Pretty Little Liars – My second TV favourite this month has to be PLL. It’s been a long haul but how could I not mention this fantastic show when this is the summer of Answers. I see people complaining all over the shop about this show but I love it so much and I really couldn’t complain – it’s a teen drama mixed with a murder mystery mixed with an intense thriller. I love it. 

10. Fairy lights! – My final favourite has to be fairy lights. When I went to see Taylor Swift last week, me and my friend bought 4 sets of battery powered lights for our posters which we kept 2 of each. I cleaned mine up over the weekend and took off all the glue and I’ve arranged them on the top of my bed and on some decorative twigs in the house and they look so bright and perfect! I would decorate everything in fairy lights if I could.  

And there it is! This months 10 favourites – it wasn’t the best month for favourites but you never know what July holds! 

Love, S x


9 thoughts on “June ’15 Favourites 

      1. oh wow thank you so much! no don’t worry I appreciate it! Im a new blogger here so Im just getting the hang of everything! if you notice a blog of mine that needs help please comment! xoxo

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      2. No problem! 🙂 anytime! If you need any advice, I’ve only been running mine for about 6 weeks so I know what the first few weeks are like!! I’ve followed you 🙂 xx

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