Mini Beauty & Jewellery Haul

 Hey everyone! As normal, I was succumbed by the cheap prices of Primark and MUA and ended up buying some little bits and pieces. I’ve been wanting some cheap jewellery for a bit, I already have some really nice jewellery, but I do have a habit of losing or breaking it. I’ve therefore been on the hunt for a couple of extra bits and pieces I could wear and not stress about losing or breaking as they’d be easily replaced. I was also then weakened at the knees by the MUA counter at superdrug and the rest is explained in this post….

August Edition of Glamour Magazine £1 – So I might have become addicted to buying these special priced editions of Glamour. It’s such a great magazine and for the price it’s just amazing. Whenever I see a new edition at this special price I just have to have it but I feel like there’s nothing wrong with a pretty looking magazine collection. Plus the fashion and beauty pages are really great and the stories and articles can actually be very emotional and touching. Basically this magazine covers all bases and I think it’s so fun to just chill out in a bubble bath and read a magazine once in a while.  


Compact Mirror 69p –  I feel like I should just briefly mention this because I bought it as part of this haul. I picked this up in a discount shop because I find myself using my phone as a mirror more and more these days when I want to check my makeup or hair when I’m out and about so I grabbed this cheap compact to pop in my handbag for emergencies. It’s actually not at all and for the price, it’s nothing special but it does the job!

MUA Makeup £1 & £1 – As usual, I couldn’t resist nail polish or lipstick when it’s only £1, I just can’t. I picked up a matte nude shade lipstick in the appropriately named Totally Nude. I like this colour because it’s exactly what it says on the tin – a straight up nude. It’s not particularly pinky or peachy or orangey but it just is a big standard nude and I like it for that. My only criticism with this is that I feel like I made a mistake choosing a matte nude. Some pinky nudes work in matte but I feel like nude is actually a shade that works best with a bit of shine or hydration to it. That’s purely my fault here though so when I wear it I just put a swipe of a non matte nude over the top to keep the colour but alter the texture – but hey, at least it stays in place because it’s matte! Whilst at the MUA counter I picked up a lovely lovely super pastel mint green nail polish. This is the shade Pistachio Ice Cream and I love it (and the name). I have a pastel mint green but it’s definitely more green than this shade so I wanted a more summery ice cream pastel shade to paint my nails when the suns out and this one is perfect! I love it! 



Jewellery from Primark £1, £1 & £1.50 – So finally I come to my jewellery choices – the root of this post. Primark is actually selling some great jewellery at the moment for great prices and this is just some of them, yeah they might eventually go a funny colour and lose their shine but they’re great to wear every now and again when I want to wear something different to my usual jewellery. So I picked up two necklaces and a set of bracelets. I got a simple £1 gold coloured necklace first with three triangles in detail. Simple stuff that’ll look great with all tops! I then picked up another necklace, for £1.50 with a simple gold pendant attached to it. This one is really simplistic but very pretty and easy to wear. Finally I picked up a set of 5 simple little bracelets that can be worn together or apart for just £1. The colours are a mix of silver, gold, mint green and grey. I’m lucky enough to have small ankles so I can actually wear these as anklets and bracelets and mix and match! Perfect for summer holidays when they might get damaged by sun cream or the sea and all that.  




So there it is! A quick post on my mini haul! Hope you enjoy 🙂 

Love, S x


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