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Japanese & East Asian Candy Haul

 So I’ve been waiting to write this post literally for months. I actually bought this haul before I even started this blog (hence the lack of photos!) but I had to keep it in hiding until the end of June.

So I have a best friend who loves sweet goodies for her birthday and she also loves the idea of anything cultural, or international or even oriental considering her love of origami. So when I came across the website (thank you Alfie Deyes) you can imagine my pure joy. This company, based in England, imports amazing sweets, candy, chocolate, drinks, stationary and toys straight from Japan and East Asia and ships it all worldwide for people like you and me who want to try something new! So I kind of went a little wild, ordered a bunch of stuff for my bestie, and a whole bunch of stuff for myself too (oops…) and I wanted to tell you all about it! Some stuff was great, others…not so much but you never know until you try! So here goes:
Please excuse the lack of photos; because I tried all of these before I started this blog, I never really felt the need to photograph every one so I’ll just try my best to explain through words! And I’ll try and work my way from left to right on the picture above! 

Meiji Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits £1.30 – Gahhh I love these. You can actually get these if you’re lucky in the UK. I remember there used to be this health food store locally that stocked these and I used to really love them when I was little so coming across these was kind of nostalgic. They’re really cheap, granted the box isn’t huge but there’s a fair few in the box and they’re just a really fab snack. They’re really lightweight biscuits filled with a chocolate cream and they have little pandas printed on the front of them! You can get them in strawberry and double chocolate too and they’re just super yummy! 

Glico Mini Caplico Stick Ice Cream 60p – Hmm I can’t make my mind up about these. When I came across them on the website I was like wow only 60p?! And granted the price is pretty great for an imported candy. I bought a few of these, in both the chocolate and strawberry flavour and they’re kind of…odd. They’re like an ice cream shaped snack, the cone is a real cone and then the ice cream is like a waxy, almost chocolatey type texture but flavoured differently. To me it was like eating solidified strawberry milkshake – a winner for some, but not so much for me because I don’t like milkshake. Either way their definitely something usnusual and different to try! 

Ramune Japanese Soda – Blueberry £2.50 – I think what got me here was the packaging. It comes with this top which you break off, and then push down into the top of the bottle. This causes a glass marble to drop into the drink, breaking the seal and releasing the fizz. It’s pretty snazzy. So the ramune soda is a Japanese version of lemonade, except they do different flavours of it. I picked up the blueberry flavour and if I’m really honest, I was expecting it to be a lot stronger in taste than it was. I really liked it, especially after I had left it to chill in the fridge but it does seem to lack a little something. 

Mini Bakeable Cheesecake Kit Kats £1.99  Now these things are ahh-mazing. They’re mini kit Kats that are cheesecake flavoured and you actually BAKE THEM IN THE OVEN. You pop them on some tin foil in the grill or the oven and the top caramelises like a creme brûlée! They taste and look amazing and the fact they they go in the oven gives them major cool points! 

Glico Pocky Choco Banana Biscuit Sticks 99p – I’m not a huge lover of banana so these were my favourite but mum says they were really nice with a lot of flavour. Their like long stick chocolate flavoured biscuits with a banan flavoured coating. The price makes these a double winner too! 

Kabaya Shaka Shaka Gummy Sweets £1.99 – These things were very…strange. They’re like strange jelly sweets with a sachet of powder you sprinkle over them for extra taste. I can’t eat jelly sweets with me being vegetarian but I tried the powder that came along with them and I was taken aback. It makes your tongue entirely numb and tingly and it’s so so weird…not sure now I feel about it but definitely entertaining if nothing else. 

Mini Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats £1.99 – For those of you out there who don’t know what matcha is, it’s a powdered green tea from japan that has a whole host of health benefits from giving you energy to speeding up your metabolism. It can be sprinkled into food or mixed with juice or made Into a tea or latte. So I found it strange that matcha was now available in kit Kats?? I was expecting a green tar taste but actually these kitkats tasted very nice and I really enjoyed them! Would definitely recommend! 

Meiji Petit Assort Candy Selection £2.50 – Finally I picked up this assortment. It includes five mini boxes of five candies – a yoghurt flavoured candy, some chocolate beans (like smarties but sweeter), some fruity jelly beans, some strawberry candies and some lemon candies. Overall these were interesting to try. I found that many appeared to be a lot sweeter than most sweets over here but they were definitely unique! 

Kawaii Biscuit Keychain Pen £1.50 – So finally I present a none food item. I bought this from the stationery section and I love it. It’s a biscuit shaped keychain with a hidden pen inside! It’s totally adorable and really handy for my handbag! 

So that’s everything I bought for myself! I bought a couple of different things for my bestie but I can’t review hers for her but so far I’ve heard good things!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this different post, 

Love, S x


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