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Bridesmaid FOTD: update! 

Hey everyone! As you’re aware, last Friday I posted about what makeup I planned to wear as a bridesmaid at the weekend – obviously I couldn’t post any pictures of the final look and I got a few comments asking me to give an update with photos after the wedding so here I am!

The wedding was really amazing, super tiring but a great day overall and is really enjoyed myself! The weather managed to stay dry enough for the wedding and photos too before the thunderstorms hit! 

Anyway, first here is the makeup that I wore for the daytime – so the church ceremony, pictures and wedding breakfast: 

And good news for all you Eastend Snob lovers out there – it stayed on for soooo long. It only started to wear off after the meal, at about 6pm and I’d put it on about 8 hours earlier and eaten and drunk without topping it up! So big thumbs up from me, Rimmel. All the eye makeup stayed in place perfectly too actually, and at night I didn’t even need to touch my eyeliner when I was topping up my makeup!

For the night do, I just topped up on what I was previously wearing and then added some darker eyeshadow shades from the urban decay naked palette and put some kohl liner on my bottom lash line. I kept the same lip products as the day because I knew they would last all night, and that was it! So here is the night look, but I’m very sorry about he poor lighting! 

So there was my bridesmaid FOTD! I was rused thoughout the day so didn’t get many photos at all, and what I did get was rushed and very blurred! But just to add a bit more to this blog post I’ll show you all the back of my hair for the wedding day and an extremely blurry shot of me in my dress with my bouquet! Again, sorry about the picture quality – we don’t have the professional photos for quite a few weeks 🙂   

Hope this helps show the final look from the past blog post I did! 

Love, S x


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