10 Tips for Surviving the Worst Cold/Flu EVER 

I’m alive, I’m alive and I don’t care who knows it! (Yup I know they’re not the true words to that quote but work with me here…) So we’re onto the last day of August which naturally calls for an August Favourites post but having been struck down with the world’s worst cold, I feel like I should shed some light on how I’ve survived the past few days for anyone out there who’s suffering something similar (plus I really wanted to feel sorry for myself for a little while longer okay?) 

On Wednesday I started with a tickly cough that quickly descended into the worst sore throat of my life. A few days of cough syrup later and I was feeling well on my way back to normal health – I managed to go for pizza so that says a lot. And then came Saturday…in which I slept for half a day, barely ate and had somehow come down with a horrendous cold and sinus pain. The pain was excruciating and I didn’t sleep at all Saturday night. Sunday was probably my worst day,I was achey and exhausted and I couldn’t even concentrate on TV (horrific!) and finally today I’m (touch wood) feeling a litte bit more myself (phew!). I don’t know whether it’s a cold or the flu or a sinus infection but it has been BRUTAL and I will very much appreciate health if and when it finally comes my way. So here are some of my top ten tips for making it through a few days of hell: 

  1. Tissues are a NECESSITY – I’m not going to lie to you all, I’ve been through more than 65 tissues in the past 24 hours and if that isn’t disgusting I don’t know what is.
  2. Lemsip is your friend – I’m the first to admit that lemsip is GROSS. I despise it. I bought the cough syrup version and it literally tastes like nothing I’ve ever endured before. I just took some and quickly stuffed whatever food is closest to me in my mouth. Trust me that it works though. It’s powerful and does a good job of just letting you breathe for a little while. 
  3. As is Olbas oil or vapour rub – Sigh Olbas oil. I love the smell of this stuff so much and the beauty of it and vapour rub is that they’re both really useful for helping you breathe before and during sleep. 
  4. Paracetamol is pretty much always needed – I usually avoid pain killers. Weird I know but I just never react well to them and they make me feel worse but sometimes you’ve just gotta get on with things and this is the only way – especially for any of you suffering sinus pain, nothing is going to stop it except pain killers. 
  5. Don’t be ashamed of needing a hot water bottle – whether it’s for warming you up or easing aches and pains or in my case, placed against my jaw because of sinus pain…you just gotta roll with it and treat yourself to that luxury.
  6. Or a blanket, or a hot drink, or a hug – we all feel really sorry for ourselves when we’re ill and we all know that you just need someone to look after you. Don’t be ashamed to throw yourself a pity party whilst you can! 
  7. Vaseline will always come in handy – for dry lips or a dry nose (and I’m not going to expand any further on that one because…gross) 
  8. Prop your head up – bit of a weird one but when I feel this congested, the only way I can sleep is if I’m pretty much sat up. Obviously that’s not ideal so when I go to bed I just have to have big pillows propping my head up. 
  9. Keep hydrated – one of the most important ones – dehydration really easily happens when you’re unwell and it can make things worse and more dangerous. Plus drinking lots of fluids will help clear your throat a little and if you’re drinking orange juice, there’s the added vitamin C benefit. 
  10. Have faith: one day you will start to feel better, I promise – yesterday as I sat on the floor upstairs feeling really nauseous and like death, I definitely felt like I would never feel better but you’ve just got to hang in there and know that it will eventually end and tomorrow is a new day. You’ll feel better soon enough! And boy, will you appreciate it! 

Finally, I’m sorry for the lack of photography on today’s post. Considering I’ve moved only from my bed to my sofa and back to bed, I haven’t felt entirely up to photos, but have faith! When I return to the land of the living I’ll get back on the blogging train 🙂 

And p.s get well soon for any of you ill folk! 

Love, S x


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