August ’15 Favourites

 Hey everyone! Welcome to September! As promised, I’m back with my august favourites! Honestly, in august I’ve not been loving lots. I’ve had a very relaxing month in preparation for a busy life again once I’m back at uni this month, so there’s not that much that’s been making it’s way onto this list! Either way, let’s get going!

Nude Lip Combination – There’s not a lot of beauty products making it’s way into this months favourites but this is one that I truly LOVE. As you’re all probably aware, Rimmel’s Eastend Snob Exaggerate Lip Liner is one of those holy grail drug store Kylie Jenner lip products that everyone and their dog has raved on about. I’ve used it numerous times but it took me awhile to find a combination that I was a huge fan of and I think I nailed. I put the liner all over my lips and then top it all with the Ultra Plus LipGloss. It just makes for a gorgeous pink nude lip shade that really lasts a super long time and it extremely easy to apply and wear.  

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer – Believe it or not, I picked up this nail polish for a measles 50p in a sale in a local shop. Normally this stuff is £6 and this shade, Snowdrop, is one the most popular. You pay for what you get with this company. It’s that little bit more expensive but it goes on really smoothly and I’ve owned a lot of white polishes in my time and nothing beats how opaque this is after just two coats. 

Aloe Vera Vaseline – Unfortunatley this month I was struck down with a cold/flu virus and although I’m on the mend now, my saving grace beauty product has to be the Aloe Vera Vaseline. I’ve had dry lips and a sore nose and applying this regularly has made SUCH an improvement for me in the past few days. Super soothing.

George Blue Tile Print Skirt – Cast your minds back to the very start of this month, and I included a paisley print skirt blue skirt that I picked up from Asda in a holiday haul post. It’s a gorgeous skirt and it was such a bargain and I’ve been wearing it this month when it’s not been Winter weather and I have been LOVING IT.


Dressing Table Photos – Back in March, I picked up this cute white heart wire photo holder for my dressing table. I had no Idea what picture would be small and delicate enough to fit into this but this month I found the solution. As you all know, it was my brother’s wedding this month and the night do happened to include a fun photo booth. It was so great and perfect for the occasion and now the tiny photos that I got from that day fit perfectly in the photo holder!


Decorative Trunk Cases – So this one I still cannot believe. At a sale in a local shop, I managed to pick up a medium and small red trunk case that I thought would be ideal on top of my wardrobe. I already have a vintage case there so I thought these  two would finish it off. Normally, these would have cost £20 and £15 but they were selling them off for £1 each!!! They needed a wipe down and a scrub up but for £2, it was unbelievable! And they look perfect

Yorkshire Provender Soup – This one is a very weird favourite for my blog but I have been loving it this month. The soup I’m talking about is the Tomato, Red pepper & Wensleydale fresh soup. It sounds kind of gross to have cheese in a soup but it works SO well. I was really skeptical at first but it’s definitely my favourite soup now. Plus fresh soups are great for you and taste amazing.

GBBO – Finally, I could never forget the one and only great British bake off. I only got into this show last year but ever since, I’ve loved it and as always I’m addicted! 

So that’s it for this months favourites! 

Love, S x


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