New Favourite Chai Latte! 

Hey all! So I’ve always been a huge tea lover. I particularly love herbal or unusual flavours of tea and my life significantly improved when I discovered the beauty of the Costa Chai Latte. My life literally was changed for the better because of this one drink that was spicy and aromatic and basically totally reminded me of Christmas and Winter and wrapping up warm and sigh, all my favourite things. 

If you didn’t know, chai lattes basically consist of a specific type of black tea that is mixed with spices and herbs and then blended with steamed milk. Now, many a time I’ve tried to recreate the beauty that is a chai latte, but with it requiring steamed milk…it isn’t that easy. 

As any chai lover, in a desperate attempt to make something at home vaguely representing a chai latte, I picked up the Twinings Chai Tea because I though it’d taste similar but be easier to make, as it’s just like making a normal cup of tea. As nice as it was, it just didn’t quite hit the spot in the same way as the bought chai tea lattes I’ve tried. 

So next stop was Teapigs. Now the Teapigs chai tea is definitely nicer and spicier than the twinings and is actually a really lovely buy and I’d definitely buy it again. 

However, my heart for a long time, has been set on Drink Me Chai range. It’s a powder that you can either mix with hot water or half hot water and half hot milk, and it makes a chai latte! They do a whole range of flavours too. For ages, I couldn’t find it anywhere but I finally managed to pick up the spiced flavour from sainsburys, an it’s only £2! I tried it for the first time today and I am in LOVE. It tastes so creamy like a true chai latte rather than just a chai tea and it’s much cheaper than costa’s version! 

Yes, that is an Ed Westwick mug…
Let me know if you’ve tried any of the chai tea/lattes I’ve mentioned and what you thought of them! 

Love, S x


8 thoughts on “New Favourite Chai Latte! 

  1. If you want to take your chai love even further, try a loose leaf chai tea. Can highly recommend ones from Birdhouse Tea Company and The Tea House – about £3ish a bag, and hit you in the eyes with flavour. So chuffed to hear a fellow chai fanatic!

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      1. Anytime! Costa chai lattes opened me up to a brave new world of tea, so feel your addiction haha. If loose leaf tea seems a bit of a faff, Twinnings Spicy Chai tea bags with lots of milk are also a winner when you fancy a lazy chai/don’t have the time 🙂 xxx


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