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Very Mini Lush Haul!

Hi everyone!

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, or if you follow me on Instagram – you will probably be well aware that I am a HUGE lover of Lush Cosmetics! I’m obsessed with everything they sell and if I could live there I could. I’m particularly a huge fan of the bath bombs and when the new lush collection came out solely in the new Oxford St store, I nearly cried at the fact that I would never see the day I could try out those products – especially those super colourful, sparkly and frankly, AMAZING bath bombs that I’d seen all over the internet.

And then my life was truly blessed by the release of some of these new products online and in ALL stores (eeee!) for the Summer collection. I weeped – this was the chance I’d been waiting for to finally try out those bath bombs I’d seen but lived too far away from London to try.

Finally I got round to ordering a little haul online and I’m already in love with what I bought! So I got my hands on…

The Experimenter – The most beautiful and amazing looking bath bomb I have ever seen. It’s a hexagon style shape with loads of different colours and in the bath it’s supposed to just burst and pop colour and just be an amazing show to watch. This is THE one that everyone has been raving about. I’ve seen reviews all over other people’s blogs and youtube videos and this has been long awaited on the lush website.   

Intergalactic – This one reminds me of the Christmas limited edition bomb called Shoot for the Stars. They both have the galaxy/outer space theme going on and they both burst into loads of different mixed colours and look like a galaxy space bath. This one instead though, has much more glitter and smells like peppermint and anyone who knows me will know how much I love love love anything that tastes/smells like mint.   

Yoga Bomb – Another sparkly bomb – but this one is supposed to be a soothing, calming sandalwood scented bath bomb that is really great for relaxing and zoning out and all that jazz. It’s a bright orange bomb but inside is bright little bursts of colour and it all mixes together to make a glittery soothing colourful bath! It’s supposed to be a slow fizzer and super sparkly!  

And that’s it I’m afraid! I didn’t manage to get much else and the only new bath bomb I’m missing out on is Frozen, but that’s for another time!

I’m going to be reviewing all three of these bath bombs as and when I use them if everyone is interested so let me know what you’re most excited for!

Love, S x


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