Autumn/Sweater Weather Hybrid Tag!

 Okay forgive me for the terrible title here…but I wanted to do something a bit different with this tag. Autumn and Winter are my two favourite seasons ever and I’m so so excited that we’re finally into Autumn and I no longer have to hide my extreme excitement! So I saw a few different seasonal tags floating around and I wanted to give a go at one – but with a twist. I’ve seen the Autumn Tag floating around with all the English/UK bloggers and the slightly more detailed Sweater Weather Tag being produced by you American folk. Now, with being extremely English and never using the term ‘sweater’ I was gonna have a bash at the Autumn Tag and be done with it, but some of the universal country-wide questions on the Sweater Weather tag were so much fun and I didn’t want to miss out on that just because I’m British so welcome to my…Autumn/Sweater Weather Hybrid Tag…feel free to rename it at your will, and for anyone autumn crazy like me who wants to copy me on this new tag – FEEL FREE, I’d love to read your responses.

So as I write this, I’ve got the fire on, I’m sat with my pyjamas on, I’m snuggling up in a cosy fluffy jumper and I’ve lit a cinnamon and orange scented candle – you could say I’m feeling pretty Autumnal. Oh yes, and add the purchase of a pumpkin in September and you’ve got yourself one crazy keen Autumn lover. So let’s get ranting about Autumn! I’m going to do the Autumn Tag questions first and then add in any UK-applicable questions from the Sweater Weather Tag afterwards.

  • What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? Pumpkins, leaves, chunky knitwear, CANDLES, hot drinks …everything, I love everything – except fireworks.
  • What is your favourite Autumnal Drink? Chai Latte always. Costa’s chai latte is my main true love, but there’s a special place in my heart for a caramel macchiato. 
  • What is your favourite seasonal candle? Just one? I love any candle that smells like Christmas or spices or cinnamon or winter but probably yankee candle’s Vanilla Chai Candle – are you spotting a theme? It smells AMAZING and I’m addicted
  • What is your favourite Autumnal outfit? Check shirts – I own a ton of them, I love them so much with jeans and a cosy scarf and autumn ankle boots and cosy socks and it’s super comfy for uni. And I like beanies.
  • What is your go-to Autumn eyeshadow colour? Hmm probably anything purpley or dark and shimmery. 
  • What is your favourite Autumnal treat? Toffee apples – and I don’t really know why because I don’t really enjoy the apple because it’s always them gross soft apples but they’re so traditionally bonfire night that I can’t resist! 
  • Where is your favourite place to be in the Autumn? At home, by the fire watching Love Actually with popcorn and a candle and cosy clothes and blankets and gah, I’m obsessed. 
  • What is your best Autumn memory? Always going Halloween shopping every year with my parents. Me and mum LOVE Halloween and we love decorating the house and doing pumpkins and making Halloween biscuits and stuff like that, picking a dodgy looking pumpkin is my favourite because I always feel sorry for the misshapen ones like they’ll never get picked (I have issues) 
  • What is your favourite Autumn make-up trend: Dark lips or winged liner? Honestly I don’t actually think I can pick – I wear both! I guess winger liner is my year long tradition but I usually save dark lips for the autumn when I get all the burgundy and plums out
  • What is your best fragrance for the autumn? I don’t particularly have a fragrance I use in the autumn alone but I have been swooning over YSL’s black opium for the past month and I have to buy it sometime soon, I’ve been bobbing into boots everytime I’m in town to spray myself, so so so good
  •  What is the weather like where you live in Autumn? I’m not going to lie…it’s freezing. Today we’ve had fog and cold and no doubt the rain and wind will be coming soon. Basically it’s winter. 
  • What is your most worn sweater (jumper for us none-Americans)? Hm hm I have a red jumper with little foxes on the front and it’s one of my favourites because it is SO cosy and warm and comfy
  • What is your favourite Autumn TV show? THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY – it’s one of my favourite shows ever and I’m crazy obsessed and it’s just started a new season over here in England on a Sunday night and it’s the best thing that’s blessed my TV 
  • Skinny Jeans or Leggings? Skinny jeans definitely, especially black or grey (like the rest of my wardrobe)
  • Halloween – yay or nay? 100% YAY, I love every aspect of it and wish I could still get away with dressing up and going trick or treating – if I could I would
  • Autumn mornings or evenings? Evenings, I love it when it starts getting darker on an evening because it feels super cosy when you’re warm inside! 

And that’s (finally) everything! I loved loved loved answering these questions and I hope you enjoyed reading them, although I know I bombarded you a little!

Love, S x


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