Halloween Manicure Monday – Freaky Fortnight #1

 Hey everyone! So you might be a little confused by the title but I am here to explain – for the next two weeks all of my posts will be…dun dun duuuuun HALLOWEEN RELATED!! Ooh spooky! And and and, I will be featuring a one-off Saturday post on Halloween itself as an extra bonus! So there’s two weeks of spooky treats in store for you. I’ve called this my ‘freaky fortnight‘ and it’ll be featuring some decor bits and pieces, some tutorials, some DIY and some food stuffs so look out for everything to come in the next two weeks in the build up to Halloween! Can you tell I’m extremely excited yet?

Anyhow, post number 1 is low key because you’re frowned upon if you get too invested in Halloween too early. So here is my Halloween themed manicure Monday!  

So basically I went for a mash up of everything Halloweeny. I wanted to make this look super easy so I could actually do it so I didn’t want to give myself something insanely difficult to do as I struggle to do the nails on my right hand because my left hand is officially pants. And I have the shakiest hands ever. 

So basically I went with a black, white and red base theme. I did two black with avon’s licorice, two white with Crabtree and Evelyn’s Snowdrop and one red with L’oreal’s Rouge Pin Up on each hand as follows:  

I then used a mixture of nail art, nail stickers and glitter to achieve the final look.  

So I bought these nail stickers from Sainsbury’s for only £1 for 36 little stickers and thought they were so much fun to wear for Halloween! I’m up for anything Halloween so I was sold when I saw these. I used the bar sticker on my thumb, the pumpkin sticker on my first finger and finally the skull sticker on my little finger.  

I then decorated these fingers a little bit more with some nail art pens. I used an orange pen to do dots around the outer edge of my thumb and a green pen to do dots around the pumpkin and skull nails too.   

Regarding my ring finger, I tried to do a blood splattered look. I just placed a bit of red nail polish on the side, then dipped a crunched up piece of kitchen roll into the polish and then dabbed it on the nail. It created this kind of textured bloody look which was super easy but very effective.   

My middle finger actually ended up looking a lot more Christmassy than intended! I topped this red nail with gold glitter and green stripes to fit with the theme but in actual fact, ended up creating a very Christmassy look!   

I then topped all my nails with a shimmery top coat and that was that! Et voila!  

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I hope you’re looking forward to reading my freaky fortnight of posts! 

Love, S x


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