My Top 8 Scary Movies for Halloween – Freaky Fortnight #2

 Hey everyone! 

So I’m fairly into horror, I think they’re scary and an adrenaline rush and horrible but exciting all at the same time and it really works. I am however, a bit peticular about what horrors I will and won’t watch – anything based on a true story really creeps me out, as does anything with people being possessed and all that drama. So I’ve piled a list of 8 scary movies I think are definitely worth the watch.

Insidious – any and all of the insidious films are some of my favourite horrors. They’re the less predictable style horrors and they’re a little bit out there and unrealistic at times (okay, all the time) but they’re really well played out and super enjoyable to watch because they keep you on the edge of your seat! My favourite is the first one though. 

 – this had to be on the list okay! Scream is one of the classic horrors in my opinion. It’s scary but not too scary, but the serial killer/gory storyline is a clever one with a plot twist I know I never saw coming. It’s an oldie but it’s a good one. I was watching this the other day and immediately got hooked all over again! 

Misery – this is for those of you out there who love more of a psychological thriller. It’s quite an old film now but it’s based around the idea of someone being held hostage and nobody knowing he’s there and it’s quite a creepy storyline but it’s one of those films that permanently has you like ‘IS HE GOING TO GET OUT’! So you have to watch it just to find out! 

Drag me to hell – drag me to hell is one of the worst yet best horrors I’ve seen. It’s so bad that it is extremely entertaining and that’s why it’s so great. Most of it is completely ridiculous but it actually makes for a decent watch. It’s based on a woman who gets cursed by an old woman and follows what happens to her after the curse including chin sucking and falling out of coffins and all that fun.

You’re next – this has to be high up there on my list, possibly one of my very favourite horrors I’ve seen. It’s got a plot twist that literally has you so so so so shocked and it’s super gory but I’m into that so it’s a winner for me. It’s definitely a thriller/ horror and the animal masks are very very weird. 

Zombieland – does this qualify as a horror? I’m not sure. It might just make it into horror territory but this one is definitely a comedy horror. It’s entertaining and gory in places but it’s really funny and interesting and actually really worth a watch – a VERY good film!

The Purge – I really like the idea of the purge – it’s horrific and the worst idea ever but it makes for a really clever film and I think it was definitely an exciting film to watch. I haven’t seen the second one but that looks just as good and I’m excited to see it! If you don’t know, it’s about a time in America where for one night only, all crime is legal and all he’ll breaks loose, including more creepy masks.

The woman in black – I like this one because it’s a period horror and it’s creepy and jumpy and I don’t find it the scariest of films, but it’s definitely got that make you jump in your seat aspect about it. It’s got Daniel Radcliffe in too so it was always going to be great! And the ending is worth hanging around for. 

And those are my recommendations! Let me know if you also love these films or what would be on your list for Halloween? 

Love, S x


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