Building a Halloween Gingerbread House? – Freaky Fortnight #5

 I don’t know if any of you guys have ever tried to build a gingerbread house but I can tell you now, for me – it is never a success. 

I’ve tried Christmas gingerbread houses and they’ve fallen and flopped and just ended up in a pile of icing and gingerbread and sweets (luckily they taste just as good as if it had successfully stood) 

I picked up this kit from morrisons to make a haunted Halloween gingerbread house and thought, if nothing else, it would be a bit of fun!  

 So I had a bash and here’s what happened:  


  • So first off you have to stick the four walls together with the purple icing. I iced surprisingly well along the edges and thought it was going to be a success 
  • The next job was to ice the edges of the roof and attach and hold these two panels in place for a minute to stop it from falling – still, so far everything is a success 
  • You’re then instructed to leave the house to set for an hour and everything is then supposed to be in place – an immediate dilemma because I had to go back every few minutes and reposition all the slipping panels of the house…
  • So after an hour, I, as instructed, picked up the haunted house to move in onto my base…and that was when the problems started – the whole thing started to collapse as soon as I picked it up
  • After a botched attempt to reform the house…I just decided to decorate it whilst I still could. I’m no artist so I just kind of piped random blobs of icing and thee whatever sweets I had at it and hoped for the best       
  • After leaving it to set overnight, it surprisingly wasn’t a total failure. It hasn’t completely collapse and still looked like a house…although we had lost all the sweets from the roof that had kind of fallen into the black hole that is the inside of the house! 

But hey ho! It could have been worse and it actually looked edible so there’s a first time for everything! Would you try this haunted house kit? 

Love, S x


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