October ’15 Favourites

 Can you guys believe that it’s already November? Like we are literally officially just over 7 weeks away from Christmas and that is CRAZY! I am thrilled though because I’ve been ready from Christmas since January so it’s about time to be honest.

Anyway, it’s the start of a new month so it is favouritesssss time, can you believe this is my 6th favouites post? But for a change this time, ive actually been loving a lot this month (mainly tv but that’s besides the point) and I can’t wait to share it with you all! So let’s go:

  • Superdrug Vitamin E Micellar Water – I love this Micellar water. I picked it up when I needed some more Micellar water. I’ve found that it takes off makeup really well, is much cheaper than other Micellar waters AND smells bloody amazing. Definitely a new favourite. My one problem with this is the packaging. It seems to leak even when I don’t touch it, which is super annoying because I feel like I can’t travel with it so new packaging would be appreciated superdrug!   
  • Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick – I picked up this lipstick thinking it was probably going to be more expensive than it was worth but I was actually wrong. I got the shade 101, a bright classic red shade and it’s so great and staying on for a long time for a moisturising lipstick! 
  • MOA The Green Balm – this stuff is like a little miracle balm. It’s made from all natural products and it can be used for anything from scratches and scrapes to bites and burns. It can be used in water for sore throats, or a cleansing balm to deeply cleanse for face. It can literally be used for anything and everything and recently I’ve been loving it because I’ve been putting it on my spots before bed and it seems to do a good job of taking down the swelling and redness overnight.   
  • MUA lipstick shades – I’ve been loving two more lipsticks this month, I bought these two MUA shades and I have been loving both of them. Shade 11 is great for everyday when I’m at uni all day and don’t want my lipstick to be all over the place when I eat. Shade 1 is one I love to wear for shorter time periods but the colour is so lovely and deep and autumnal.  
    body shop 101; mua shade 11; mua shade 1
  • When the Clock Strikes Midnight Palette – my final beauty favourite is one I used in my Halloween zombie look – here and loved. It’s got some more adventurous shades in it but it’s pretty and I’m definitely getting more into it.   
  • Cadbury’s Rocky Mallow Road Chocolate – so this is a much less favourites-esque choice. I have become addicted to this rocky mallow road chocolate. It tastes amazing and I have bought it so many times. In love.  
  • Real Housewives of NYC – I have never actually been happier to see this back on English screens. This is up there as one of my favourite shows and it’s so hilarious and dramatic and you get so hooked watching it. It’s been so long since we got a new season so I am unbelievably happy with this one. It’s so so so good.
  • How To Get Away With Murder – not as creepy as it sounds, this is a really awesome tv show. I recently got into it and watched the first season in two days straight I was so hooked. It’s full of twists and turns and keeps you on your toes and is such a great murder mystery show!

And that’s everything for his month! Let me know if you’ve loved any of the things I’ve loved! 

Love, S x


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