DIY Christmas Candles

Hey everyone, 

So last week I thought about Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations and had a think about what I wanted to make myself this Christmas. Now I love candles so much, I always have one lit when I’m at home and I reply wanted to have a go at making them. Now sadly…I will start with the bad news that I actually messed these up a little bit because I bought wicks that were too wide for the jars I was filling, so my flames are a bit tall and dangerous so my advice for you is use bigger jars if you’re worried! It’s not a waste for my though because I’m going to melt down these candles again and put the wax into a larger jar and voila! Anyway here’s the process incase any of you want to have a bash: 

What you will need: 

  • Paraffin wax chips – I used about 1lb and 3 oz of wax which is about 550g, which filled 5 of these small 6-8oz jars and with some spare to make a mini 6th. If you’re wanting a cleaner flame, then you can easily use soy wax chips, with soy wax wicks (I used paraffin because I already had some at home)
  • Wax dye chips in red – so you can buy wax dye in blocks or chips or drops online and the tiniest bit goes a long way, I had some little chips and I chose red because I thought it was Christmassy and cosy and would provide a nice glow!
  • Christmas candle fragrance oils – you can buy these online but you want to make sure they can be used for candles. Essential oils will give a natural scent but it will be a lot more subtle so more oil will be needed. I bought a winter set of fragrance oils which have a more artificial scent but much less is needed. The fragrances I bought were from Amazon but through a website called This winter set includes fragrances of: vanilla, Yuletide spice, orange and cinnamon, mulled wine and frankincense. I used half the wax to make a Yuletide space set and half to make an orange and cinnamon set. 
  • Pre-waxed wicks – you can get wicks seperate to wick stands and make them yourself but for people who aren’t experienced with this like me, the pre-waxed and made up wicks are so much better. They just need sticking into your jar and you’re away.
  • Christmas jars – I bought 6 jars, I think they’re about 6-8oz in size, but they have a screw on lid and were about 69p each from The Range. I said earlier how I’m remelting the wax down, and I’m going to pop it into a larger jar I have recycled from an old candle. 
  • Christmas ribbon – also from the range, I bought two types of Christmas ribbon-some grey with snowflakes and some red with snowflakes. They were 99p each and very narrow so easily popped round the lid of the jars.
  • Glue dots – not the best for sticking the wicks down but they do hold them in place somewhat. I used mine to pop the wicks in place, other glues will work well too. 

So what I did:

  1. First off I prepared the jars – I added the ribbon – 3 with red ribbon for the orange and cinnamon scent and 3 with grey for the Yuletide spice scent I chose. I then popped a glue spot in the centre of the bottom of all the jars and stuck my wicks in. 
  2. Melted down the wax – I split my wax in half and melted down the first half in a double boiler – a metal jar inside a pan filled with water. I stirred it occasionally with a metal spoon and it took about 5-10 minutes to melt down. When it was half way melted, I added half of my red dye chips. 
  3. Adding the fragrance – as soon as the wax is melted, it needs to be taken straight off the heat to cool slightly before being put in the jars. This is when you add the fragrance. I added 5ml of one of the fragrance oils (orange and cinnamon) to half of my 550g of wax and I think it was slightly too subtle, I’d be tempted to say adding 10ml per 275g would be more ideal. 
  4. Filling the jars – I then filled 3 of the 6 jars with this scented wax. I poured slowly and close to the wax to avoid sink holes but some still appeared!
  5. Repeat – I then did the whole process again with the other  half of the wax, dye chips and the second fragrance – Yuletide spice. 
  6. After about half an hour I went back and realigned the wicks in the centre of the jars and left them to set for 24 hours before cutting down the wick to 1/4 of an inch and lighting them! 


And that was it! I don’t think I did too bad for my first go but it definitely is harder than it first looks! Let me know if you make candles or want to try it! 

Love, S x


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