Winter/Festive Candle Menu 

Hey everyone! 

So today I bring you a post that is very special to my heart because I am a deep deep lover of candles. I went through my candle collection and picked out my favourite winter/festive candles to show you guys what you should be sniffing this Christmas (that didn’t quite sound the same as it did in my head but please roll with it). 

So there’s a bit of a selection in here because I didn’t want it to be super Yankee candle heavy because I know that not everyone wants to fork out Yankee candle prices! So let’s go!:

  • Yankee Candle – Vanilla Chai: this is hands down one of my favourite scents ever, it’s in the food and spice collection of Yankee candles and I love most of them so I was bound to love this one. I have the biggest size, which is £20 on Amazon, definitely worth the hefty price tag in my opinion because it’s lasted for SOO long and it really makes the whole room just smell warm and spicy and yummy. It’s not too overpowering either, you can light it all day everyday and it just makes everything smell so delicious without it giving you a headache!    
  • Yankee Candle – Sparkling Cinnamon: I can’t say I’m entirely sure what’s the difference between this and the normal cinnamon candle from Yankee but I have them both and this one is from the festive collection so I thought it was more appropriate to include this one for this post! Obviously it smells super spicy and warm and just makes your house smell super festive. This size is around £8.  
  • Yankee Candle – Cosy by the Fire: this one is new to their range this Christmas and I could only get my hands on one of the little wax tarts but I love it. It’s spicy and festive, in a way that isn’t totally cinnamon, there’s definitely some warmer wood/clove style scents in there. Just so so cosy and definitely well named! The tarts are great too, because they’re only £1.50.  
  • Colony Candles – Mulled Wine: I picked this candle up in a local garden centre for £2. It’s only a votive size but it smells just like mulled wine. Warm and sweet and just like a Christmas Day out where it’s cold and you grab a warm drink of mulled wine! It smells really delicious and for a tiny candle, it really makes the whole room smell festive. Definitely worth every penny.   
  • Next – Festive Spice: I picked up this jar candle because it looks so so pretty and even if you never light it it makes for a gorgeous decoration with the berries and ribbon and bells on the jar. The smell is a lot spicier than some of the others, but very festive and this scent is available in room sprays and diffusers too so it’s a gorgeous way to make your room smell delicious and festive! I think this jar was £8 but but burns for 55 hours which is longer than the small Yankee jars of the same price!  
  • East of India – Cinnamon & Orange: yum yum yum, this one from east of India was a present so I’m not sure of the price but it’s a small tin candle. It’s scent is delicious because it is orange and cinnamon and smells just like festive pot pourri. My one problem with this one is that it can be a bit overpowering so I have to blow it out after a little way but it doesn’t take long to make the room smell christmassy!   
  • Primark – Winter Berry: I picked this one up for something like £1 or £2 at Primark . It’s only a tiny jar but it’s a lovely jar and a pretty decoration. As predicted the scent doesn’t last sadly and you can’t really smell it really strongly once it’s lighted but the subtle scent is there and it has a really gorgeous flame when lit so still a good one for the price! This one smells very berry-y but in a festive way and is a nice alternative tithe spicy scents.   
  • Wickford & Co. – Apple Cinnamon: finally, this one is a sneaky one. It was just £3 from home bargains and smells really yummy. The apple scent is more powerful in this candle than the cinnamon but that just makes it more delicious. I really love the shape of this jar too because it’s low and shallow with two wicks so it looks so pretty when it’s lit!   

What’s your favourite scents to light at Christmas or in Winter? I’d love some more suggestions! 

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Love, S X


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