DIY Candy Cane Place Settings! 

Hey! Sorry for the later post today, I’ve had a hectic day then ended up not feeling too fab but I’m ploughing through at 10:30pm to meet my schedule! 

Today I provide you with a little DIY to make candy cane place settings for your table at Christmas! 

So this is my first Christmas at home in a long time and I have run with it, I’m all about the table setting and there’ll be a post coming your way in the next couple of weeks of what my table will look like for Christmas Day! 

So I wanted to make some place settings for the table so people know where to sit (definitely unnecessary but who cares!). To make these cute place settings you’re gonna need: 

  • Card 
  • Felt tips 
  • Glitter glue 
  • Washi tape 
  • Candy canes (3 for each person) 
  • Red decoration wire 
  • Glue dots 
  • Ribbon! 

So first off, you want to make the place cards. I just cut some card down to the size I wanted and then stuck some decorative washi tape around the edges. I then used a black pen to write the names on and drew some holly and Christmas bits and pieces and then decorated more with some pink glitter glue! You can pretty much do what you want here, just make sure your place cards will fit in the little curve of your candy canes! 

To make the candy cane stands, you want to arrange three candy canes upside down with their curves facing outwards, point two more forward and use the final one as more of a balancing one around the back. Grab a glue dot or some cello tape and stick these in place. I then secured this more with some decorative wire then departed with a ribbon and bow around the middle. I then propped my place cards between the two front curves et voila!  

 What do you guys think? Would you have a go? 

Love, S x


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