How to make everyone jealous of your present wrapping skills

Hey everyone, so the title here is a little bit of a joke but also kind of…not. I love to wrap presents – hard to believe, I know, but I actually really enjoy it! I love to go all out too, there is no detail I wouldn’t add to a present to make it look good!

So the thing here is… I’m not actually a very good present wrapper. The actual paper side of things is not something I am talented with. I mean cutting down a piece of wrapping paper to fit your present of choice is hard enough then trying to fold it over, hold it in place AND get off a piece of cellotape is an art I am yet to master. But that doesn’t mean you can’t con your friends and family into believing you perform little elf present wrapping magic and gift them a present that looks too good to open!

So for that reason, I’m going to give you all my tips and tricks to make your presents the ones that everyone wants to put right at the front under the tree (and a way to make everyone think the present inside is actually better than it really is), so let’s go:

  • Decoration wire is your best friend – decoration wire is so so multipurpose. You can use it to fix decorations in place (a wreath on our door is held in place with some of this), or you can use it to bunch together present additions. I love to make bows out of ribbon and bunch little decorations (cinnamon etc.) to them with the wire then wire them onto the present, it holds it in place perfectly and means that the person on the receiving end of the present can cut the bow off and keep it as a decoration.
  • Ribbon – Ribbon can seriously make any present look perfect. Any ribbon will do, I think curling ribbon is pretty great – it’s so cheap and easy to pop on your present, and then with a quick swipe of the ribbon, it looks perfectly curled! This year I’ve also got into twine. You can buy this cheaper online when it isn’t Christmas, otherwise known as baker’s twine but also available in most shops at Christmas. It looks amazing with brown paper style wrapping paper and just adds a cute detail to presents.
  • Wrapping paper – Most of the time, the more expensive the paper, the easier and nicer the whole wrapping experience is. This year though, I picked up some cheaper wrapping paper and it was actually pretty great. Craft paper is what I aimed for – the paper style brown paper that looks great with twine. I picked up a couple of wrapping paper/craft paper hybrids that looked like craft paper but with some added Christmas patterns and it worked perfectly! If you’re a super terrible wrapper though, aim for the foil effect papers- these are thick and like tin foil, so super easy to use.
  • Tags – Tags are something that most years, I don’t think about. I mean, any will work with most wrapping papers and it’s not something a lot of people really take notice of. But this year I found some pretty awesome tags, some big ones and some little ones and they look so perfect with the paper and the bows I handmade! I aimed for ones with string to tie on the tags, these look classy and you can easily hide the string under bows.  
  • Decorative additions – these are the little add-ons I was speaking about earlier. They’re a really easy way to make you look like you’ve put all your effort into a gift and can make it really special for them. I love to add on a handmade bow from ribbon, a stick of cinnamon, a slice of dried orange, a bunch of little fake berries and a couple of presents this year, have included tiny bells I bought from a German Christmas market. As I said earlier,  just wire these on to the ribbon or twine I’ve used et voila, a simple way to make any present look amazing!    
  • Scents -by this point in the blog post, you probably think I’m a little bit bonkers but bear with me (I love Christmas okay). I bought some fragrance oils online that smell like Christmas to make some Christmas candles (I’ll link the post here if you’re interested) and I think it would be really great to dab a bit of the fragrance oil on the decorations to give it the Christmassy scent as well as the Christmassy look!



    And if going to all that effort doesn’t impress your friends and family then well, at least you had fun doing it! But I’m sure they’ll be totally jealous of your wrapping skills! And enjoy!

    Love, S x



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