Confessions of a LUSH addict…

 Hey everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas time, and spent lots of time with your families!

Today I have a confession to make: I’m a Lushaholic. It’s official. I have a real problem, I was in denial before but now I am fully aware of how deeply ingrained this addiction is. Jokes aside, I have actually gone a tiny bit lush mad this Christmas and so I thought I’d share with you guys what I got, and if you fancied a review on any, please let me know below and I’ll get to it! 

So first off, I asked for some lush for Christmas and it was crazy how lucky I was, my family got me quite a bit and most of it is Christmas items so I can’t wait to try what’s new this year!! So here’s what I got: 

  • Five gold rings bubble bar
  • Yog nog bath bomb
  • The magic of Christmas Fun 
  • Intergalactic bath bomb 
  • Holly go lightly bubble bar
  • Bah humbug bubble bar 
  • Peeping Santa bubble bar 
  • Star dust bath bomb
  • Razzle dazzle bath oil
  • The magic of Christmas bubble wand
  • Golden wonder bath bomb 
  • Cinders bath bomb
  • Snow angel bath melt

And then.  The Boxing Day sales arrived and I couldn’t resist the fact that so much was half price and even though I was a bit late to ordering from the sale, there was still plenty to choose from so I picked up these bits and bobs: 

  • Dashing Santa bath bomb 
  • Golden wonder bath bomb 
  • Melting marshmallow moment bath oil
  • Lush kitchen Santas sack bubble bar
  • 100g of Snowcake Soap
  • Firecracker gift set – which included intergalactic bath bomb, the experiments bath bomb and candy mountain bubble bar

So yeah, my house is absolutely chock a block full of lush right now, it smells amazing!! 

Again, please let me know if anyone wants these reviewing! 

Love, S x


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