SandyStef 2015 Best Bits 

Hey everyone! 

I should have probably done this post a little earlier into the year that mid January but I’m a bit slow getting into this blogging year so I’m hitting you with a sort of blog review. So much happened on my blog in 2015 and I wanted to have a look at each of my categories right over there >> and pick my personal favourite post from each category to share with you my views on sandystef’s best bits of 2015! 

  • Books – so I haven’t done as many book reviews as I wish I had, hopefully that’s something I can get to do more of in 2016, but from what I did do, I really think that the best was my very first book post – the Lux Series Review – I think I covered the basics really well and those books are ones I’d recommend to anyone a thousand times! 
  • Life – there were a lot in this category but I think my favourite here was my 25 facts about me post. I found it so much fun to write and I think it gives you guys a bit more information about me and I think I got my personality through a bit there! 
  • Baking – I think the post that went down best in the baking category this year was my chocolate tiffin post. I love this recipe and it’s something I’m always making and something that I loved sharing with everyone! I don’t do a lot of baking so to have sort of mastered a recipe for tiffin pleases me greatly!! 
  • Food – food wise is a bit similar here, but I’m going to go with my easiest BBQ nachos recipe because these are AMAZING even if I do say so myself and I force my family to eat them like every week! 
  • DIY – DIY has become a big thing for me this year, some posts I haven’t actually popped into this category yet but they are DIY’s like my Polymer Clay Rose Ring tutorial. I am super proud of this post and the rings I’ve made over time and I think it’s a great one to share with you all!
  • Beauty – this one was definitely tough, there’s so many posts in this category and I know which ones have been most popular but my favourite is the one I’m most proud of – the topshop interstellar eyeshadow review, it’s nothing special but I felt SO proud of my photography here and thought the whole post looks so professional.
  • Fashion – finally I come to fashion and again, I haven’t tagged all the appropriate posts correctly here yet but I think my best one here is my creating a capsule wardrobe post. The photos are some of my worst but I think that the written aspect of this post was actually really good and I’m proud of myself for that!

What do you guys think the best bits were? Do you agree? 

Love, S x


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