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January ’16 Favourites

 Hey everyone, so I’m a bit late to this game because it’s already the 5th of February but it’s that time again where I show you what I’ve been loving this past month! There’s quite a few new bits I’ve been loving January because it’s been Christmas and my birthday so get ready to have things mixed up a little bit!

Primark Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Wine – Primark make up is so underrated. I think because it’s so affordable, a lot of people overlook it in favour of the more recognisable, recommended brands but some of the Primark make up line is amazing! I already own another lipstick from them but this one tops it I think. It’s a matte crayon lip colour in a deep burgundy shade but actually comes up a bit more red on the lips but what I truly love about it is it actually lasts! I gave it a full test with a two course meal and drinks and it stayed put through the starter and drinks and only gave up the ghost a bit when it came to the main – but I was eating pasta, so it was never going to be a total success! Either way, it has lasted much longer than a lot of expensive lipsticks I’ve worn and only for a grand total of £2.

Primark Green Colour Corrector – This brings me to another Primark makeup product on my list… the colour corrector. I picked this up really just to see if it actually made a difference, I’ve never got too over invested in the colour circle idea – that green cancels out redness and so on – until now. I’m addicted to this stuff, truly. I picked this up for just £1.50 and it is the closest dupe for drugstore brands like Max Factor, who sell one of these for £8.99. It’s creamy, it blends really well and it does a fab job of covering up any redness and makes spots SO much easier to cover with concealer. Put it this way, I am so gonna pick up the yellow version of this for under eye circles.

Yankee Christmas cookie candle – It’s almost dangerous for me to talk about this here because a) it’s Christmas themed and b) it’s creating an itch that only lighting my Christmas cookie candle will scratch. This candle is amazing in so many ways. I actually, without lighting this, would have hated it. I got a votive sized one in a set for Christmas, smelt it and thought “no way, far far too sickly sweet”. Well, how wrong I was. I went to my friend’s on New Year’s Eve and she had this lit and it changed my life. The next day I had this lit at home and went out and bought 5 more votives a couple of days later. I may be cheeky, because it’s a Christmas product but if you have one of these from Christmas and thought it would be too sickly, just stop, light it, and thank me later. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – Ahh the beauty blogger’s favourite mascara. This one has raving reviews from so many people and for good reason. It’s £19 of mascara heaven encased in the most gorgeous packing a girl could dream of. I’m gonna do a full review of this soon so expect lots of detail but it definitely makes a huge difference to your lashes. Plus, the PACKAGING.
Fleur de force lipgloss in Written in the stars – I got this bought for me for Christmas, I’d seen Fleur talk about her makeup line on her youtube channel and I really wanted something that I could wear all day that would wear off slowly and not leave my lips with that ring around the edges after I’d eaten like bold lipsticks do. I thought one of these lipglosses would be perfect because they’re super pigmented, but also really lightweight to wear to go out or to just go to uni wearing. Basically perfect in every way. This one is a nudey-pink shade and looks fab with any makeup look really. Plus the vanilla scent is FANTASTIC.

Primark Rose Gold Necklace – Back to my Primark loving rant for a second – I recently picked up this gorgeous necklace for £2 from Primark and I haven’t stopped wearing it. Because it’s rose gold, it matches my watch perfectly and it just makes every top you wear look like you made that tiny bit more effort to look put together. Primark – you rock, thank you.

New look heeled boots – I couldn’t get a recent picture of these but I’ll insert a golden oldie from the day I bought them. These troopers have seen me through the past couple of years and I’m still so in love with them. I think a heeled boot looks great when you’re going out in the winter and makes your outfit look casual but still smart and gives you the added height that (if you’re anything like me) is a HUGE bonus.  


Real techniques expert face brush – How did I go so many years of my life without this brush? I adore this brush, it makes everything a whole lot easier to blend and buff without leaving those streaky marks that even expensive foundation brushes give you. It’s so super soft and doesn’t need cleaning half as often as the traditional flat foundation brushes because it just keeps all of the product on your face (something I can SO get behind). If I never get another foundation brush ever again I will die happy. 


YSL Black Opium Eau De Toilette – Does this need explaining??? I’ve been longing and drooling over this perfume since it came out and had the surprise of my life when I got it for my birthday. I am in love, like seriously, in love. It smells delicious and because I use it only when I’m doing something special or going out then hopefully it’s going to last me a long time. And look how BEAUTIFUL it is. My favourite perfume in the history of perfumes.

Collection Blush and Glow Palette – Finally that brings us to my last monthly favourite, the collection blush and glow palette. Again, I’m thinking of doing a full review on this because it’s so so amazing for £5.99 and it’s such good quality. The two blushes are super pigmented and the contour colour is a good one for even pale folk like me! The highlight is shimmery but only in a subtle away which is honestly my dream because too much highlight I find to be a bit scary! Basically a fab drugstore palette. 


And there you have it, January’s favourites, can you believe January is already over?! This year is already going so fast!

Love, S x 


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