Mudd Face Masks – The Review

 Hey everyone! First off, I’m sorry about a lack of post on Friday! I was busy with uni work and hadn’t planned anything in advance (rookie error, I know) and just ended up too tired to try and write a post at 11pm at night!

Anyway, it’s Monday and it’s a fresh week and I’m here with a face mask review! Now, as you know, I’m a huge Montagne Jeunnesse face mask lover and usually never sway from them. People tend to think that they’re not good quality because they’re only £1 a sachet but I find them great for my skin and I love doing them once a week –  the peel off masks are great for reducing oiliness and always freshen up my skin!

But this isn’t a Montagne Jeunesse review…this is a Mudd clay face mask review! My point is – I don’t normally sway from my norm. That is until I came across these. I’ve been searching for a clay face mask for a while but I hadn’t been able to find one that was cheap enough that I could bin if it hated my skin! I found these by chance, I was browsing in Sainsbury’s and came across the original version first. There was a sachet with one application’s worth for only £1 or a sachet of five application’s worth for only £3. Now this was great for me, I could sample it out and even if I loved it, it wouldn’t cost me a bomb to buy it regularly.

So I picked up the original version and tried it out when I got home . I LOVED it. First off, a little goes a really long way and you just pop it all over your face and leave it be for about 15 minutes. As it dries your face goes crusty and super tight and it’s almost uncomfortable but in a really hilarious way. When you frown you get a million lines on your forehead and it’s a good laugh for everyone involved. What I find kind of gross about it is that it actually shows you all of your pores. They appear as little dots in the clay but it’s satisfying because you know they’re getting a good clean! Then it comes to taking it off – admittedly not as satisfying or exciting as a peel off mask but your skin after is INCREDIBLE. I’ve never had such soft skin in my life and gives my face just that boost that it really needs every week!

The original Mudd mask is designed to deep clean your skin and pores to draw out oil, makeup, dirt and grime. It also says on the back that it helps with spots and blackheads and even tightens your skin!

So naturally, I went back and picked up the other version of Mudd masks available in Sainsbury’s – the Sea Mask version. This is again, a clay mask but also includes added sea ingredients such as sea kelp, seaweed and Irish moss to help to additionally hydrate your skin. (This one is a green blue colour too!!)

All in all, I love these masks. They’re incredible and amazing and they make my skin so baby soft and all for £3 for a sachet that lasts 5 applications – which I actually don’t think is true, I’ve found mine is lasting quite a few more than that! I would 100% recommend these to anyone I know – I’ve already got my mum on the band wagon and she can’t believe how good her skin feels after using it!

I’m now using this every week and I’m so so happy with the results!

Love, S x




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