Collection Blush and Glow Palette Review

Hey everyone!
So a long time ago, I introduced you all to a new purchase I’d made – the Collection Blush and Glow Palette Review. I’ve now been using it everyday since and thought it’s about time I provided you all with a blog post review!

So let’s talk about the packaging. Obviously, this isn’t the most expensive product and it isn’t from a high end brand so I didn’t expect much from the packaging here if I’m completely honest. It’s plain black with a plastic see through section on the front. This plastic feels quite cheap but the black packaging is completely fine for me. It closes with magnets which I love because it won’t open whilst its stuffed in a makeup drawer or bag but the black packaging does easily get dirty which makes it not the most attractive product after a while!

Packaging aside though, the product inside is amazing for the price. The palette consists of a contour colour, a highlight colour and two different blush shades – so everything you need for a base after foundation. The pans are quite big, so there’s plenty of product inside of each, and I’ve been using this everyday for like 3 months and you can barely tell so it’s definitely going to last.


Shades wise, the colours are great. The contour is a muddy brown shade with no shimmer so it’s a really good beginners contour colour (perfect for me because I’m as beginner as they come in terms of contour). It applies really easily and not too dark so you can build it up if you’re confident or keep it subtle if you don’t want anything too strong. The highlight shade is also a really subtle one that can be worn everyday because you don’t look like a disco ball with it on. It’s a sort of pale champagne colour with some shimmer in so it just catches the light and applies really easily. There’s quite a nice difference between the two blush shades. One is a really pale dusky pink shade, it is quite a simple ballet slipper type shade. My only problem with this one is it is quite subtle and takes a few goes to get a decent level of colour. The other blush shade is darker, it looks like quite a hot pink but applies really nicely and one sweep is the perfect amount so I love this one when I’m in a rush for uni!

Finally, lasting power is pretty impressive. I can wear any of the shades all day and not need to reapply unless I was going out again at night so overall I’m very impressed. Plus the palette is only £6.99 and is completely affordable with everything all in one place so amazing for travel! All in all, a wonderful purchase!!

Let me know what you think of the palette below!

Love, S x


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