4 New Beauty Products & First Impressions

 Hey everyone! So I actually shockingly haven’t bought many beauty products recently (and yep, you’re probably noticing the lack of lip products here which don’t you worry, is as equally surprising to me as it is to you but I’m lusting after the kylie Jenner lip kits HARD – I have no shame).

BUT I have picked up 4 new item that I thought I’d share my first impressions of with you guys after using them all for a little while now! They’re a bit of a random bunch and one of them is a cheeky one time purchase that you can only get in Devon but never the less, I thought I should share what I’ve discovered!

So lets start with skin care – I’ve got two new items recently to add to my totally out of control obsession with facemasks. First up is the balance me radiance face mask which is a little bit pricey at £6.50 for 15ml/£12 for 30ml/ £18 for 75ml but definitely worth the hype. Balance me is a brand I’ve never tried before but heard good things about. This mask is made with 98% natural ingredients and is supposed to brighten dull skin and remove dirt and impurities from oily or combination skin – both wonderful for me because I have sometimes dull combination skin. This mask kind of took me by surprise. It’s more of a white cream with some exfoliating walnut shells in which basically is absorbed by your skin after 5 minutes. You then wash it off or wipe it off and be radiant. After using this, I did find that it was great for my skin. It was immediately soft after removing it and I do think that it helped balance it out a little bit – plus it smells really nice like a naturally powerful product that you know is working wonders on your face (if you ever smell it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about). My only fault with it is how long its on- 5 minutes – I like to relax with this, a nice drink, watching Real Housewives of NYC for at least a solid 15 minute before I remove but alas, this is a speedy mask. So onto mask number 2 which is the cheeky one. This is actually one I picked up in Devon which originally comes from the Cheristow Lavender Farm – which has a tonne of products all made with lavender essential oils.  It’s a lavender clay face mask and was about £5.95 for the tub that I have – which definitely will last a long time because only a little is needed! I love the smell of lavender so much and this mask is super refreshing and cooling. I just feel like this is really healthy for my skin. When I’ve used it, my skin feels really soft and hydrated so I love to use this every weekend!

So onto make up products! I’ve only got two new bits to add my makeup collection. Whilst at primark I thought I’d try out something new from their collection considering I’ve used the lip products and loved them so much. I grabbed the P.S Brow Pencil in medium brown I think it is for just £1! I used the Maybelline brow penic before this but got sick of its creamy formula and having to sharpen it every two minutes. The primark pencil is actually so great! It’s easy to use and lasts a long time and has a spoolie on one end to kind of spread out the product. My one fault with it is that it looks a bit fake if you go too heavy with it so I mix it with a powder to make mine look a bit more natural. The second product I bought is the new Miss Sporty Instaglow Face Primer which I thought was definitely worth a try for just £3.50. Miss sporty was the very first makeup brand I used, it brings back so many memories from school using their clear skin powder and waterproof mascara! All good memories. They seem to have rebranded some of the products and theyre actually doing really well for themselves! This primer comes out pink and then blends to a really subtle glow, a bit like a highlight really. I actually am so pleasantly surprised by this product. It goes on really nicely, has no strong scent or anything like that, is totally fine on mine and my mums sensitive skin and leaves my skin nice and dewy. It definitely would make for a great summer glowy product alone if you are lucky enough to have clear skin (not me) or as I use it, underneath my makeup. I find that it definitely keeps my makeup more in place – I can see more of it lasting longer in the day so it definitely does its job! A fantastic buy for the price. 

And that’s everything! I hope you’ve enjoyed this run down of the new bits I bought! Let me know what you think, 

Love, S x


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