Summer Beauty haul!

Hey everyone! 

So, this week I’ve done a little bit of splurging and been buying all sorts of bits and pieces. I had that typical moment where you just forget about self control and restriction and let yourself buy everything you’ve eyed up. Whilst this is bad news for my finances, it’s good news for this blog post! So let me show you what I picked up! 

Rimmel Radiance BB cream – so for a long time I’ve been thinking about purchasing a BB cream rather than using foundation. I find myself skipping foundation and just using concealer and powder on a daily basis but sometimes I find that with no foundation to blend my concealer into, it can be difficult to blend. I thought that a tinted moisturiser or bb cream would solve this problem and just make my makeup look a bit more flawless.

Rimmel Kate Lipbalm – this was very luckily free when I bought £8 worth of Rimmel products and I love the fact it has spf and I can pop in my handbag! 

Zoella Bath Latte – ever since Zoe released this new scented range I’ve been dying to smell it because it sounded delicious. Whilst I was in superdrug I had a sniff at the body cream and realised this scent is literally good enough to eat! I picked up the bath latte because I had the bath cream from the original scented collection and loved how many bubbles it made and how soft it made my skin so hopefully this lives up to that! 

Vanilla & Coconut Candle – can we talk about how this candle was £2.99??? I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to buy such a cute little jar candle for that price and the scent makes it doubley appealing. Thes makes such cute room decor! 

NYX Pro Palette and Single Eyeshadows – I went a bit crazy in NYX as you’re about to find out! I love the idea of being able to choose your own singles and create your own personalised palette that you can switch up when you want so I picked up this small four shadow palette for £3.50 and chose 4 single shades to go in it – each at £2.50 each. I love shimmery shades so went for ones which I loved the look of and settled on Chandelier, Dressed to Kill, Top Notch and the final one I forgot to check but I *think* it’s Bad Seed. These shades are amazing and really pigmented and the palette was expensive but you gotta treat yourself sometimes haven’t you? 

Top left: Chandelier; Top right: Bad seed; Bottom left: Top notch: Bottom right: Dressed to kill

NYX  Bedrose Glide on Lip liner – as all the matte lil creams were sold out in boots I picked up a lip liner that I loved the shade of instead. I picked the shade Bedrose which is a gorgeous strong pink nude and I love lip liners for their lasting power and matte effect so I thought this would be perfect. And they really do glide on easily.

NYX Roll On Glitter – I LOVE glitter. I’d put it all over my body if it didn’t contaminate everything in its wake. I picked up this roll on eye glitter because I thought it would be lovely on top of a eye look to really jazz it up – especially at christmas!! I picked the silver shade because I thought it was the most universal and I could use with a whole bunch of eyeshadows. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams – I  know what you’re thinking – didn’t she just say the lip creams were sold out? Yep but in my desperation to seek them out and honestly, mainly down to my addictive personality, I discovered some still in stock on ASOS and had to order myself two shades – Cannes and Budapest! One is a gorgeous dark pink nude and the other is a maybe dark purple shade. I lov the shades so much and a first impressions post will be up about these soon.

Top to bottom: NYX lip cream in Budapest, NYX lip cream in Cannes, NYX roll on glitter in Platinum, NYX glide on lipliner in Bedrose

Korres Instant Brightening Rose Facemask – I’m addicted to buying face masks because I love to have a whole bunch to choose from . This is my first time trying Korres products and I can’t wait to try this Wild rose concoction out and see if it’s natural ingredients benefit my skin!   

MUA Pink Glow Highlighter – ive seen a lot of people online enjoying these new MUA highlighters and I totally wanted to join the hype . For only £3 these bad boys are great. They look amazing and they have such a great shimmer with no scary big glitter flakes and just a subtle pinky glow which is perfect for your cheeks . As always, MUA doesn’t disappoint. 

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer – finally I picked up my good old faithful concealer. This sells out so fast, especially my shade which is fair so I picked some up whilst there was some in boots and I’ll keep it for a rainy day. 

Phew and that’s everything! Let me know what you want to see more of on the blog! 

Love, S x 


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