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Lush Haul! 

Hey everyone! 

So a couple of weeks ago I took a trip to lush and succumbed to buying more than I was planning on buying (oops). Now, not everything has survived this long to be photographed, but can you really blame me? 

Blackberry bath bomb – so, as you all may know from how much I’ve banged on about it; this is my favourite all time bath bomb at lush. It’s a bit strange considering this one doesn’t have any special colour change but I think this is one of the nicest scents at lush and the smell lasts forever so I picked up two of these. 

Creamy candy bubble bar – this is my all time favourite lush product ever. Whenever I find one I have to buy it because I love this scent so much that I actually really want to eat it (don’t do that). There actually was none available in the store I went to and I was gutted to say the least but when I mentioned my disappointment to the kind cashier lady, she told me there was just one left in the back – fate? 

Fizzbanger bath bomb – I think this is one of lush’ classics. It’s e one I buy any friend new to lush because I think the combination of the apple cinnamon scent, the popping candy and the change from yellow to blue to green is just gorgeous and spectacular.

Intergalactic bath bomb – speaking of spectacular, this is one of those bath bombs that puts on a show and I mean a show show. The water ends up looking like a galaxy of stars and colours and it is just gorgeous. Plus I love the month scent so big thumbs up from me. Plus GLITTER.

Sex Bomb bath bomb – can you believe that despite all the many years I’ve been a lush addict, I’ve never tried a Dec bomb! I’ve been majorly missing out though because this one smells devine. 

Mmmm melting marshmallow moment – did I mention at all that the creamy candy and snow fairy scents were my all time favourites? Well just incase you missed the memo here’s the melting marshmallow moment bath oil which is amazing at making your skin smell edible.

Lava lamp bath bomb – this is true latest edition from the limited edition Oxford street bath bomb that’s hit stores everywhere so naturally I picked up two and I’m yet to try them out but they smell really refreshingly tangy and citrusy.

Ickle baby bot bath bomb – yep I’m well aware these are made for children and even babies but I can’t pass on a bath bomb that is gonna be soothing and help me sleep and this is the perfect lavander scented one to do it. 

Twilight bath bomb – speaking of lavander though, twilight is one of the most lovely night time soothing bath bombs. It puts on a nighttime show of pink and blue and purple and is just all round gorgeous. Always underrated.

And that’s everythhinng! Let me know what’s been tickling your fancy at lush recently.

Love, S x


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