Summer Skincare

Hey everyone! Today I’ve teamed up with Dollar Shave Club to provide you with a whole bunch of tips and advice in facing the (marginally) warmer weather this summer! 

Being an extremely pale individual and having skin that does not like the sun one bit, I know too well that it’s important to change up your skincare routine in the summer months, even if you’re unlucky enough to be enduring this miserable summer that England seems to be having! Although, it does have to be said – we’ve luckily had the occasional warmer day (not that anyone would be able to tell from my none existent tan). So here’s my tips:

  • Suncream: this seems like such an obvious tip but I know that it’s so easy to forget to pop this on before you go outside, especially if you don’t realise it’s going to be a hot day and you get caught out! Not only that but I personally hate putting suncream on, I hate that sticky greasy layer on your skin afterwards and how it sticks to your clothes. On a whim I decided to buy some dry oil spray and I have not looked back. I picked this one up for just £3 and although the SPF is low, I love it for how easy it is to apply and how you literally can’t feel it on your skin, plus who doesn’t love smelling like exotic coconuts?! What’s also great about this one is it’s a non greasy formula so you can spray it over your hair to protect your scalp and it won’t make your hair greasy which is perfect for me because every time it’s hot I feel my head burning. Also top tip: I watched a documentary testing the effectiveness of high end versus cheap suncreams and there is absolutely no difference in effectiveness at protecting your skin – you just might need to apply a cheaper one more often! But don’t forget, suncream protecting you from UVA and UVB rays is best. 

  • Lips: I think a lot of people forget to protect their lips from the sun, especially in hot countries but they can burn just as easily as the rest of your body and end up much more sore – if you were a Love Island fan like I was, Liana showed just how easy it was to burn your lips! I always make sure to apply an SPF lip balm like the Nivea ones.

  • Face: I hate to put suncream on my face, again because it feels gross and sticky and makes make up impossible. Instead I make sure to use an SPF moisturiser, or make sure the foundation or BB cream I’m wearing contains some SPF. 

  • When you burn: So we all know that even plenty of protection doesn’t always mean you’ll avoid the wrath of the beating sun. I usually end up missing my shoulders or my neck and ending up with some nasty sunburn. This is where after sun ones in, I like to find aloe Vera type ones to soothe the burn especially straight after its happened. Another important tip here is to keep any sunburn moisturised. As satisfying as peeling is, it doesn’t feel too great and making sure your sunburn is moisturised will stop you from peeling and will keep it from drying out and hurting more.

  • Fake tan: I know this seems mad but I had to throw this in. To me, I don’t think the risk of sunburn and skin cancer is worth the tan. Those people who lather themselves in baby oil and cook out in the sun are just asking for trouble. For me, this is where fake tan comes in. I’ve recently really enjoyed the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze wipes and the No7 Gradual Body and Face Tans. The added bonus of the No7 gradual tan is that it contains antioxidants that prepare your skin for the sun, sort of easing you in AND the face one contains SPF! 

And that’s everything! Tell me below how you mix up your skincare routine in the warmer months and how you protect your skin and if you’re interested in looking into Dollar Shave Club and what they do and what shave options they have available I’ve provided a link here.

Love, S X 


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