Life Update – Uni Results & Work

Hey everyone,

So today’s post is a little bit of a different one (and a little late, I know – all will be explained very soon!). I think I’ve done a fair few life updates on this blog but not only are these updates for people reading this who want an insight into my life but also they’re big moments in my life that I want to come back and remember too. I can pop back here and read what I wrote when new things were happening in my life.

With that being said, this brings me to a big event that occurred last week, the 20th of June: university RESULTS DAY (imagine this with dramatic sound effects please). With it being my final year of university, this meant this was the day I found out the class of my degree. I am incredibly happy to say I graduated with first class honours in Psychology, making lowly old me a Bachelor of Science!! (how posh do I sound?) I am super proud of myself for managing to get through the last 3 years of uni never mind blag myself a first so I am pretty darn impressed. I also managed to get a first overall in my dissertation (remember that 55 page 11,000 word thing I wrote?) which is something I’m a little shocked about but after the hours of work that it took I am both glad its over and glad I managed to do so well with it! This means graduation is on the horizon, with only a month left to go until the big day!

Okay okay so that’s the bragging over with  but I do also have another piece of news. I started volunteering as a teaching assistant in my woes of trying to decide what to possibly do with my life (nobody prepared me for how unprepared I’d feel leaving uni and graduating) and so I work two days a week in a primary school. I’m having a wonderful time there but it is truly exhausting and so my post has come a few hours later than planned this week. If it helps at all, I was just too tired to write this post on Monday because I’d spent the morning Bollywood dancing with a group of 60 seven year old children…so I hope you can all sympathise, hopefully I will be much more well rested next week!

And that’s everything this week folks, I’m having a busy but amazingly enjoyable summer and I’ll be back with you next week with my June Birchbox delivery so stay tuned! And don’t forget to head over to my new Instagram (SandyStefBlog) and follow me over there!

Love, S x


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