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June ’17 Favourites

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is coming quite late on in the month (I know it’s only the 12th of July but this is late for me normally!!) but don’t you think July is truly flying by already? Two seconds ago it was April and now here we are in JULY. J U L Y!! Okay I’m done. Moving on, here’s what I was loving all through June!

  • La Roche Posay 3 step anti-blemish systemokay so a full blog post has to focus on this 3 step skincare system after my palava with the Proactiv+ system (I wrote a blog post about it here if you fancy having a gander). I started this about 2/3 weeks ago and I have been loving the overall effects. My skin is softer, cleaner and even feels a bit tighter which is fab. Blemish wise, this is definitely slowly taking effect and the duo+ cream is fan-bloody-tastic. Look out for a full review soon!!
  • Sister by Rosamund LuptonNow I’m not normally a crime fiction reader, I usually focus on the cheesy young adult romance books if I’m honest but having done many a forensic/criminal module in my degree and being a lover of ‘Murder She Wrote’ despite being about 20 years too young, I thought I’d start dabbling in the crime fiction genre. My friend let me borrow this book from her and I loved every second of it. The ending was incredibly dark and shocked me but I was hooked from start to finish and didn’t want to put it down, definitely a great book to try out.
  • Love Island 2017 – I’m not even sorry that Love Island has made this favourites list. I loved this show last summer and I (if possible) love it even more this summer. It’s the trashiest show around but that just makes it so addictive and such a guilty pleasure. Who doesn’t want to sit down on an evening, switch off from the world and watch a bunch of people arguing and getting it on on tv? This is a no judgement zone and I’m embracing my addiction to this show.
  • St. Moriz Gradual Tanning LotionI picked up this tanning lotion on a bit of whim. I know this is the sort of knock-off version of the St Tropez tanning products but it has to be said…this stuff is pretty darn fab for the price. It’s cheap and cheerful and definitely does the job. I don’t find it patchy, it’s super easy to use and the smell is actually really lovely – it does have the slight biscuity smell to it on the skin but alongside it is a really fresh summery peach smell. I’m going to be using this to gradual tan before my Graduation next week knowing it wont let me down and make me too orange (I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying that) and I definitely want to try the mousse from this range and see if this is just as good a fake tanner – if so, I’m on to a winner!
  • Malibu SPF15 dry oil spray Now this seems a bit of a stupid favourites now that the summer has basically disappeared and I’m sat writing this on a miserable rainy day but I made a note at the end of June when we had that massive heatwave over in the UK about this being a June favourite so here it is. This dry oil spray is my go to on a sunny day. I know it’s only SPF 15 and I do crack out the 30 when it’s a really hot day but I’m just in love with this formula. It’s a dry oil spray so it goes on as an oil but dries in seconds meaning you don’t have that horrid sticky sun cream feeling and you can safely spray it on your face and scalp without it being greasy. It even smells like coconut and sometimes I wish they brought out a body spray version of this because I most definitely would be investing in that. Just an all round fab product and it’s super cheap too – yes!
  • McDonald’s Veggie Deluxe Burger – Now for many of you, this probably looks like the most bonkers addition to a monthly favourites you’ve seen but bear with me. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years now and I honestly hadn’t even been inside a McDonald’s for at least the past 5. I  recently (don’t know I’ve only just realised) notice they now do a veggie burger approved by the vegetarian society and changed their fries to be cooked only in vegetable oil alone (sorry USA folk, this doesn’t apply to your McDonald’s restaurants and the fries remain non veggie friendly over there!) and got myself down to a McDonald’s to try it. Oh boy did I start a dangerous game because now I constantly crave this damn veggie burger and it’s likely SOO unhealthy but tastes SOO good. I’ve had about 4 this month so of course I had to throw it in here. And for all you UK veggie pals out there – the mcflurries are veggie friendly too so enjoy!

An that’s everything! June has proposed a very mixed bag of favourites but hey ho, you can’t help what you love. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow my Instagram page (SandyStefBlog).

Love, S xx


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