Getting Nouveau Lash Extensions & Fillers

Hey everyone! 

Today I’m here to tell you guys about my experience with the Nouveau lash express treatment!  I’ve tried out the lash treatments from Nouveau at my local spa 3 times now and LOVED every single time.

So Nouveau do various types of lash treatment, from ordinary strip lashes to more permanent month (+) lash extensions to LVL lash treatments to improve your natural eyelashes. They do an affordable version of lash extensions however called the Express treatment which I’m going to talk about today which gives you lash extensions that last potentially up to 2 weeks! They come in two formats: normal lash extensions which last up to 2 weeks and are individual lashes glued to your eyelashes or cluster/filler lashes that are stuck on in clusters (surprise) and last up to about a week. 

So a bit of a general comment first on Express lash extensions: in general these are super easily applied, they don’t take too long (anywhere form 15 to 45 minutes) and the treatment is generally not uncomfortable. I will say that when the glue comes near to your tear ducts when your inner lashes are being treated it may make your eyes sting and water. It’s a bit uncomfortable during but it goes away immediately once the treatment is over. Lash extensions need to stay dry for the first few hours but after that you’re more or less free to go, although you’re advised to avoid having them underwater for a long time, avoid using oil based makeup removers and don’t use waterproof mascara on them. They basically just do their own thing after they’ve been applied! 

I’ve tried the 2 week individual lashes twice now and the cluster lashes once. So let’s talk about the individual lashes first. This is a much more natural way to go if you want eyelashes that look long and like they have mascara already on them. They mean that you look great with no makeup on because your eyes look all mascara-ed up and they last for a really long time so they’re perfect for holidays! They take about half an hour to apply so it’s not a long time at al too. My one problem with these is that personally I find that as time goes on and my natural lashes below grow, they become a bit uncomfortable for me so I never last the full 2 weeks with them. Having said that though, they don’t phase my mum at all and she finds they can stay on for longer than two weeks so it all comes down to person preference! 

The treatment that I now prefer is the cluster lash extension treatment. Firstly this takes half the time applying, so you’re only sat for 15 minutes – not a problem normally but definitely more handy if your eyes water during the application like mine do! Also the effect you end up with, because they are in clusters, definitely look more dramatic and like strip lashes than the individual lash extensions do. Obviously they don’t last as long so might not be good for holidays but they’re wonderful for weddings, parties or anything where you need them for a weekend/week. I got mine done for my graduation and they looked perfect. They do take a day to get used to, not because they’re uncomfortable but just because if you’re like me, you’re not used to seeing yourself with such dramatic lashes! But once you’re used to the effects it’s kind of sad to see them go! Definitely something I will be doing over and over again for special occasions though! 

And that’s everything! I’ve attached some photos below to show you the effects of my lashes when I had the individual treatment and he clusters so you can see what they look like and if you head over to my instagram (click here) you can check out videos I’ve popped on there showing them up close so please take a look! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and see you next week! 

No make-up; Cluster/filler lashes
No make-up; Cluster/filler lashes
Cluster/filler lashes with make-up
No make-up; Individual lashes
Individual lashes with makeup
Individual lashes with makeup

Love, S x 


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