Mini Life Update

Hey everyone! 

So it’s not very often that I post a blog post on a Sunday, normally I post every week on a Tuesday but you may have noticed the lack of post this week and you will (soon) notice the lack of post next week too. 

I’ve had a mad few days and I’m going to be having a busy week next week with it being my boyfriend’s 21st birthday so there will be lots of celebrating and visiting family going on! 

So instead of missing 2 blog posts 2 weeks running I thought why not post just the one in the middle with a mini little life update! 

I’ve decided that 2017 is definitely the year of change, so much big stuff has happened this year, from turning 21 to graduating to getting into a serious relationship and to now finally, getting a new job! I’ve recently got a new job as a bartender/cocktail waitress for the next 3 months with hopes of it continuing past that! 

I’m looking forward to all of these new bits happening and I’m really loving life at the moment, I’m so happy and glad that so far 2017 has brought all the new things! 

So much of this year so far would have been completely out of my comfort zone had it happened any other time but I’m incredibly pleased that I’ve been able to branch out and start new things and have new beginnings, it feels pretty damn great. 

So here’s to a continued fantastic 2017! 

Thanks for the patience this week,

Love, S x 


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